America, a Nation Divided

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This is definitely the most divided I can remember our country being in my lifetime. There are so many topics for us to argue about from behind our keyboards. It’s crucial that we find a way to understand each other’s differences are part of what makes this country so great. And in stead of searching out what makes us different, we … Read More

Corn Hole with Crowder!

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Want to win CROWDER’s new album “American Prodigal?”  How about a one of a kind custom made “American Prodigal” CORN HOLE set?  That’s this week’s exclusive prize for being a part of the SPIRIT MUSIC TEAM! Take this week’s MUSIC SURVEY by Sunday, October 16th at 11:59PM, and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 5 copies of CROWDER’s amazing, … Read More

36 – Brandon Hatmaker

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Brandon Hatmaker is a father, husband, pastor, author, speaker, and television personality on HGTV and DIY Network, so when does he have any time to be on our podcast or… sleep?  We talk with him about his approach to life in community, being a scary biker, and how life is with his wife (also an author and speaker Jen Hatmaker). … Read More

Thanks Deli Delicious!

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They say word of mouth is the best advertising! Its because of that phenomenon that Deli Delicious of Tulare reached out to Spirit 88.9 to inquire about Business Partnership. The Salazar family who owns #1 Sports Fan shares the same parking lot as Deli Delicious in Tulare on Hillman Street. They had been getting to know their neighbors at Deli … Read More

The Music Team’s Top 3

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The Music Team has spoken!  The top 3 songs on Spirit are: 1. Ryan Stevenson “Eye of the Storm” 2. For King & Country “Priceless” 3. MercyMe “Dear Younger Me” If there are songs you think should be in the Top 3, join the Music Team and pick your favorites!  Not only are you entered to win prizes like concert … Read More

The Ten Commandments: The Third

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The Ten Commandments “You Shall Not Misuse the Name of the Lord” (The third commandment)   God’s name is special and should be treated respectfully. Unfortunately, many use His name as a “curse” and not with the awe and reverence He deserves. He is telling us that the way we use His name tells Him how we feel about Him.  … Read More

35 – Ashes Remain

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Josh Smith from the band Ashes Remain joined Rob and John in studio to talk about the band’s new single and what it’s like blending hard rock with worship music. And Rob and John discuss getting older as John had a birthday since our last episode.

34 – Citizen Way

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John talks in person with Citizen Way about life on the road, performing for God and the very special reason they came out to play a show in Clovis. It’s also time to talk about the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick… Has it gotten blown out of proportion? Don’t forget to hit the “subscribe” button if you’re listening in iTunes!  

Partnering with BIBLICA: The International Bible Society

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During our Fall Pledge Drive, your gift to SPIRIT not only supports the radio ministry pouring into our community, but it will also go further, reaching beyond prison walls through BIBLICA. For every $40/monthly pledge through Support Made Simple (automatic credit/debit/EFT), a special BIBLE will be given to someone incarcerated.  This special “FREE ON THE INSIDE” Bible is filled with … Read More

Thanks to Classical Conversations!

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School is back in session, and a new Business Partner is reaching out to Spirit’s listening families to present an alternative educational option.  Classical Conversations is a home centered education model that assists families that may not bee 100 percent satisfied with their child’s current education. They provide like-minded, committed parents and students with encouragement, fellowship and accountability. Over ninety … Read More

The Ten Commandments – Two/Second

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The Ten Commandments Two/Second “Do Not Make an Idol for Yourself” The Israelites, fresh out of Egypt, thought it was quite normal to create a “golden calf” (Exodus 32) to represent the God that had just delivered them from slavery. They wanted God to have a “face”.  They may have thought the calf was a form of worship, but God … Read More

Win Tickets to See MercyMe in Fresno!

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The Music Team has spoken! MercyMe’s latest single “Dear Younger Me” is one of our top 5 favorites.  To celebrate, you’ve got a chance to win a pair of tickets to see MercyMe live in concert at the Big Fresno Fair on October 11th!  Just head over to the Music Team page and take the latest survey to let us … Read More

33 – Jonny Diaz

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Jonny Diaz is back in the flesh as we have an honest face-to-face conversation about why its DYE-AZ and not DEE-AZ, what impact the song “BREATHE” has had, how he put down his original dreams of becoming a professional baseball player to becoming a musician, and a LOT more!

32 – Seth & Nirva

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So excited to talk face to face (to face) in studio with husband and wife duo, SETH & NIRVA, whose latest single “Brother” is making waves as one of the most important messages we need to hear this year.  The couple shares their personal experiences in what they’ve had to learn about loving their enemies, dealing with racism, and balancing … Read More

31 – Jonny Diaz

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We catch up with our NEW friend Jonny Diaz (first time on the podcast).  He’s coming out to play at the Fresno Grizzlies game on August 12th, 2016!  We talk about his smash hit song “Breathe,” along with what it’s like to run his own business with his wife (a fitness center in Nashville) AND be an artist AND a … Read More

30 – Jordan Feliz

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It’s not easy to discuss what’s going on in our country without getting political or pushing an agenda. We just want to talk about what we see and how we feel about it and that’s what we do this week. Join us as we discuss some of this week’s DNC and get to chat with one of our favorite artists, … Read More

The Ten Commandments

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One/First “Do Not Have Other gods but Me” God is reminding us here that all power and majesty are His. We are to have reverence and deep respect to only Him.  This commandment is not just about false religions and pagan gods. God tells us that ANYTING that we put before God causes us to sin (break a commandment). I … Read More

Thank you CTL Water Wells

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CTL Water Wells Many of you listen to the Wally show from 6-10am, Rob Anthony has a news segment intermixed throughout. With the news segment, Spirit had an opportunity open for Business Sponsorship! CTL Water Well Drilling and Pump Installations of Exeter have been a Spirit sponsor for about 9 months and have recently stepped up to be the sponsor of this … Read More

Is the sky falling?

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Are we going crazy? It kind of feels like the world is going insane. I can’t remember a time in my twenty-seven years of life when there seemed to be this much turmoil locally and around the globe. Now, something I want to be VERY careful of is not to contribute to what I refer to as the “sky is falling” narrative … Read More

29 – Pastor Elvin Hayes

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Maybe like us, the past few weeks have been tough for you. There is a lot of anger, confusion, hurt, negative feelings and reactions to the events that have happened the past few weeks.  We don’t know if this conversation will help shed some light or comfort you, or make you think about how we approach others, but it’s important to … Read More

Spirit thanks Five-O-Fitness

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Five-O-Fitness in Visalia and now Tulare recently signed on as a new Business Partner with Spirit 88.9. Gracie, a Chicago native and Felix, an Orosi local met when they were on the gang unit together in Tulare County. Gracie & Felix Lara formerly ran Tulare & Kings Counties Cadet Boot Camp for just under 20 years and now offer their expertise as personal trainers … Read More

Make a Difference Mondays

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Join us for a game at Visalia Rawhide, on Make a Difference Monday!  Spirit is teaming up with Fresno Pacific University for Make a Difference Mondays. Each Monday Rawhide home game will feature a different ministry.

What Good are the Ten Commandments?

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The Bible tells us that on our own, we cannot keep Ten Commandments, or laws. We need a Savior to forgive our sins. God designed the laws to build a relationship between Himself and us. A relationship that would be built on faith and not the obedience to the law itself.  We need Him. Do we really need to be told … Read More

28 – Matt Redman

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Happy Fourth of July! Worship Artist and songwriter Matt Redman joins us, but only after Rob and John talk about Donald Trump and who Jesus would vote for if he were an American voter.

Summer Days Getaways

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Summer is the perfect time to make memories with your family, and you don’t even have to look further than our own Central Valley!  All Summer long you’ve got chances to win 1 of 8 Summer Getaways every week!  And it starts with listening for that special sound of summer: You’ll hear Olaf Monday through Friday each week in the … Read More

History of Spirit 88.9 & 100.1

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History Bob and Judy Peart began in the late 1980’s with a burden for the Central Valley. They believed that there was a need for a radio station that would broadcast Contemporary Christian music 24/7. After several years of hard work, the Pearts acquired a broadcast license for KDUV in 1992. If you would like to contact Judy, you can … Read More

24 – Taco ‘Bout It

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Over a year ago, we had a dream. A dream to interview artists, and eat authentic Mexican food simultaneously, and call it “Taco ‘Bout It,” where we get Jalapeno-biz! The dream has become reality with Danny Gokey today. Enjoy!

23 – CJ Casciotta

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After 16 years of intermission, DC Talk is back and hitting the open seas, we’ll talk about why that announcement was a bigger flop than they realized. Also, a newlywed couple has the nerve to tell one of their guests that their gift isn’t good enough, and author and speaker CJ Casciotta talks to us about how to really make … Read More

22 – Phil Wickham

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Phil Wickham joins Rob to talk about his new album, and what it was like to recover from vocal chord surgery, afraid he might never be able to sing again. Before that, John tells Rob he will likely die in a plane crash before Rob goes on a cross country trip. Spoiler alert: Rob is still alive.

21 – Newsboys

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NEWSBOYS’ drummer and all around strong man Duncan Phillips joins us this week for a GREAT interview about touring, what the band’s transition with Michael Tait was like, as well as the film God’s Not Dead 2. Before that though, John and Rob get meta and talk about podcasting, themselves, and being REAL authentic Christians.

20 – We Are Messengers

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Darren Mulligan from WE ARE MESSENGERS is our awesome, Irish special guest. He shares his story of coming from a broken life into experiencing real love through the forgiveness of his wife, along with their transition to the states. Before that Rob and John continue the conversation about what it really means to share faith with the people we’re called … Read More

19 – Citizen Way

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Citizen Way’s Ben Calhoun joins us to talk about their BRAND NEW album “2.0” and some of our favorite songs off of it AND we get to celebrate something special with him on the spot! Rob and John also talk about what the point of sharing your faith is and being missionally-minded.

18 – I Am They

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Today, we’ve got a special IN-STUDIO interview with the band I AM THEY! The guys and girls talk a little bit about what’s new, including how they found new singer in the band, Abbie Parker! You’ll also get to hear them play some songs, including their new single “Make a Way.” Before that, Rob and John talk about VISALIA making … Read More

17 – Citizen Way and Audio Adrenaline

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Another double guest extravaganza! We chat with Ben Calhoun from Citizen Way about touring and their upcoming album, AND Dave Stovall from Audio Adrenaline about being asked to join a band he grew up listening to. Before that, John and Rob play “Fill in the Headline” and talk about changing their names.

16 – Jeremy Camp

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Jeremy Camp is today’s guest that we’re so excited to talk to! We talk about the Rock and Worship Roadshow AND a little bit about his time in India. Before that, though, John and Rob talk about a famous man who’s asked Mark Zuckerberg for some cash that he may or may not need. That man, is Kanye West.

14 – Big Daddy Weave

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What happens when Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave invites you on to their tour bus to record a podcast? The batteries die, leaving us to improvise and record the interview as a voice memo on Rob’s iPhone. Still a great conversation about the mission of Big Daddy Weave, and even Mike’s own things that he deals with just like … Read More

13 – PLUMB

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SPECIAL MID-WEEK BONUS with special guest PLUMB! We get straight to it, talking about music, getting REAL about the aftermath of her separation, near-divorce, and restoration of her marriage. Also, I, Rob, saw what John wrote about me in last ep’s description, and, at least I don’t cry every time I watch “The Notebook.”

11 – Jordan Feliz

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Jordan Feliz is BACK! Now that his music is heard around the country, he’s getting ready to visit his homeland: the Central Valley. We talk about getting his start, playing with legends in the biz, and his essential eateries in his hometown of Clovis. Before that, Rob and John talk a little bit about the presidential race, and play WOULD … Read More

10 – Kyle Sherman

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WINNING POWERBALL! Well, we can dream, can’t we? Special Guest indie/worship artist KYLE SHERMAN joins us to talk about his latest projects, and his family’s experience with adoption and adopting their baby!

08 – Jesus Junk

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The perfect companion to your Christmas Shopping Guide! John and Rob talk about the 10 weirdest Jesus branded and inspired gifts. Flashlights? Bandages? Ashtrays? Some people are crazy enough to put Jesus on it!

07 – Homelessness and Crowdfunding

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Kicking back with just Rob and John today! John reacts to a video on social media about the treatment of a homeless man that turns into a discussion about homelessness, and crowdfunding and for what we should or shouldn’t ask our friends for money.

06 – Irina Creek (Operation Christmas Child)

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A rousing game of “Would You Rather,” we talk about MOVEMBER (Or No-shave November), an UBER driver being attacked on camera, and the story of Irina Creek, who grow up in several Russian orphanages and was a recipient of a shoebox gift through Operation Christmas Child, and how her life COMPLETELY changed after some simple little gifts.

05 – The City Harmonic (BONUS EP)

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Elias “Eli” Dummer from The City Harmonic joins Rob and John in studio to talk about the “We Are” tour and how it’s changing church culture across the country. And listen to a live in-studio performance of two of The City Harmonic’s songs.

04 – Danny Gokey

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Singer and former American Idol star DANNY GOKEY joins us for a great conversation about his story, his music, and being a Christian in a non-Christian industry, we also discuss the BACON = CANCER controversy, and REAL talk about relationships.

03 – for King and Country

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Luke Smallbone from for KING AND COUNTRY talks with us about touring and some of the personally moving stories behind the band’s latest songs. Before that we have a round table discussion with two of our coworkers about: Halloween! Is it day to celebrate? Is it evil? Can Christians celebrate it in good fun?

02 – Director Jon Erwin (WOODLAWN)

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And we are back with a new full episode! Our guest is Jon Erwin, he and is brother wrote and directed the film WOODLAWN, so we talk about Christian films getting better, and the incredible story of how one of the lead actors got his role at the last minute. Before that, John and Rob talk about a hot-button topic … Read More

01 – Hawk Nelson

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The first episode ever! With first special guests ever – Jon and Micah from the band Hawk Nelson drop by the studio for some good ol’ chat and a mind-reading game that proves they spend too much time together.