Prayer Wall

  • Finances
    Please pray and ask God to bless Brianna and myself with the jobs He wants us to have! And please ask God to bless me with a place to live. Thank you.
  • Healing
    Please ask God to heal Nikki as she became ill and is in the hospital. Please ask God to bless me with a better place to live and another good job. Thank you.
  • Protection For Daughter
    I need your prayers for my daughter, Haylie who is 18, and in a troubling roommate situation. I am filled with worry for her safety. I need prayers for angels to guard her and protect her. This is a new level of worry and concern for me and it is so overwhelming.
  • Need House
    Always rented, 4 kids, it\'s time..
  • Mom\'s cousin
    Asking prayer for my uncle Hector Lopez, who has stage 4 cancer.
  • Help
    Please pray that the people coming against me after my car accident drop the case. Please pay that my boss wouldn\'t continue to harass me at work. Please ask God to bless me with a good roommate to move in with and that I find a good place to rent a room before July 15, 2021. Thank you.
  • Prideful person.
    Please pray for me. I\'m a prideful person. It\'s effect my relationship with my wife and my children. I want to repent and rebuke the spirit of pride. I want to open up my heart and not be afraid or be safe. I want to get up every morning to praise and surrender myself to God. Pray for me that I humble myself and glorify God first. I want to have undivided heart to God.
  • Pet dog\'s health
    Asking prayer for healing and restoration of my pet dog Moonshine\'s health. She has a lump that developed in her right tummy side and maybe cancer. God bless!
  • Grief/loss
    My grandpa died last month and I feel lost without him
  • Guidence/Favor
    Please pray and ask God to bless me with guidance as I am looking for a room to rent from someone or to rent an apartment with someone.
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Prayer Requests