Thanks Deli Delicious!

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They say word of mouth is the best advertising! Its because of that phenomenon that Deli Delicious of Tulare reached out to Spirit 88.9 to inquire about Business Partnership. The Salazar family who owns #1 Sports Fan shares the same parking lot as Deli Delicious in Tulare on Hillman Street. They had been getting to know their neighbors at Deli Delicious probably after partaking in many of their great sandwiches! If you are a long time listener of Spirit, you’ve probably heard the #1 Sports Fan spot as they’ve been a partner of ours for many years now. The Salazar’s told the owner of Deli D. about their longstanding partnership with us and about our willingness to come out and do our “Sticker Stops” at their location and this led owner, Lovey Singh to pick up the phone and give us a call! Deli D. Tulare is now up and running on Spirit and we’ve got a Sticker Stop planned there for September 21st. From the time we spoke to Lovey to working out their radio scripts, production and scheduling the sticker stop it took about 1 week for them to become our partner!


If you are a business partner of Spirit and you have benefitted from our partnership we thank you for passing the word on to the businesses that you come into contact with! We thank you for helping further our mission of bringing encouragement to countless listening families!



Garth Richards

“All hard work brings a profit,

 But mere talk leads only to poverty.”

-Proverbs 14:23