Be a Difference Maker!

Here at Spirit, we see God do amazing things EVERY DAY in our community.  He changes lives through music, through the stories of hope and encouragement, and through those that give.  We (the staff) are here to serve God, and our community.  This isn't just about volunteering to help us out.  It's about coming alongside us and being a part of God's plan to love on people, and bring Jesus to them.

If you are passionate about serving, we need you to be a part of our team!  Whether a few hours a month or a week, your time is a generous and invaluable gift to supporting this ministry. There are multiple ways to get involved:

Volunteer Areas:

Prayer is VITAL to Spirit! This is something you can do from anywhere, and at any time. We'll keep you updated with prayer needs from the ministry, the staff, and specific events to lift up in and support in prayer.


  1.  Read the qualifications for becoming a volunteer at Spirit 88.9
  2. Enter your contact information on this page
  3. Our volunteer coordinators will contact you for more information
  4. Fill out and sign Volunteer Application and Acknowledgement of Qualifications and Commitment
  5. If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer, call 800-530-5388.


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