The Sixth Commandment

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“You Shall Not Murder”

Exodus 20:13

Why do we need a LAW for this?
God speaks about murder several times in the bible. (Deut. 19:1-14, Numbers 35, Genesis 9:6)

By the way, He is against it.

You thought this was an easy commandment didn’t you? Slam dunk! No issue! No question!
But What About:

• What about Hateful Anger?
• Wishing someone was hurt/dead?
• What about Accidental Death?
• What about Suicide?
• What about the Death Penalty?
• What about a Soldier/Military?
• What about David killing Goliath?
• Does this include animals?

There is not room enough in this small newsletter to address all these questions is there? And you thought this one was easy! *wink* Do not worry. The answers to all these questions are in the Bible. I invite you to spend the next few weeks looking for the answers and seeking a Pastor or a mature believer with solid Biblical understanding to navigate these tough questions.

Here are a few scriptures to get you started:

Deuteronomy 19:1-14 (Accidental Death)
Matthew 5:21-22 (Hate)
Mark 3:29 (Unforgivable Sin)
Exodus 21:12 (Death Penalty)
1 Samuel 15:18 (War)
Genesis 9:3 (Animals)
Jesus on the 6th Commandment:

 Jesus says if we get angry enough we have already committed murder. (Matt 5:21-22)
 Jesus quoted the 6th commandment in Matthew 19:18,
 Mark 10:18 & Luke 18:20