You are looking at the future of Spirit Radio.  On the left, an unused garage bay of our building.  On the right... what it will look like in the near future: introducing the "Peart Ministry Center."
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In August, Spirit founder Judy Peart passed away, but her and her late husband's legacy continues on.  They started Spirit 30 years ago, and God has done incredible things through the music, the message, and the support of our listeners.

As you can see, the transformation of this space into a fully functioning multipurpose venue is a big undertaking.  The total for this remodel is estimated near $250,000.  The vision is that this is a space for our local community to do ministry in so many ways:

-A church plant on Sundays
-Concert/Speaking Venue with stage/lighting/sound
-Workshop & Class Space for Marriage Conferences, financial classes, and more
-Community Meetings

This is what we mean when we say that Spirit is MORE than radio.  It's LOCAL ministry happening in our COMMUNITY of the Central Valley.  Please prayerfully consider joining us in making this vision a reality.  You can click the button below to donate to the completetion of the "Peart Ministry Center."