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Why Power Total Health?

Power Total Health takes a neurological approach to healthcare. Using innovative technology and advanced techniques such as spinal decompression and SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology. Discover a better life—discover Power Total Health!

What Separates Us From The Rest?

At Power Total Health, we work with the body from the inside out rather than the outside in. What that means is we provide neurologically based chiropractic health care in an innovative environment, focusing on what is going on inside the body, which shows us what we need to adjust on the outside. It is a much different approach than the chiropractors people are use to. While other chiropractors focus on adjusting their patients based on structure alone, we focus on what is going on with the nervous system and how it is functioning by using innovative technology, advanced techniques and specific scientific adjustments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our practice members and provide hope for those experiencing pain or are in need of holistic health care alternatives. We envision a world of health and healing, filled with communities where hospitals are empty and children are living drug free lives. We want to see ALL people living the abundant life God has promised, and we hope you will join us on our journey to SAVE our community… THROUGH SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC NATURAL HEALTHCARE

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Power Total Health provides neurologically based chiropractic health care in an innovative environment for families and individuals who are seeking help and expect a personalized care plan that produces measurable results.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff recognizes that the key to providing holistic health is to listen to the needs of our patients before prescribing solutions. Contact Power today for more information. We’d love to hear from you.


Meet Dr. Karl

Dr. Karl Baune grew up in a chiropractic family, his father Dave was a chiropractor, along with two uncles, aunt, cousin and other relatives. At an early age, not only was he able to see many people recover from various health conditions in his fathers practice, but he also began to understand how the human body was created to heal from the inside-out. His father taught him that chiropractic gets to the root cause of most everyday problems people face and helps with most health conditions, where medication usually masks symptoms and can cause more complex problems.

Dr. Karl earned his Bachelor of Divinity Degree first before perusing his chiropractic education. He met his very beautiful wife Lisa (a Fresno native) and was soon married. Through the inspiration of his father’s practice and the daily amazing chiropractic miracle stories he heard and saw as a child, he was inspired to get his doctorate in Chiropractic. He completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic Healthcare from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. While attending LCCW, he excelled in patient care and in the clinical setting.

Dr. Karl has studied various spinal and extremity adjusting techniques (Gonstead, Drop Table, Torque Release, Diversified, Blair Upper Cervical and Full-Spine), advances in neuropathy, nutrition, and healing soft tissue through futuristic technology. He and his wife were led back to Lisa’s hometown area. Together they bring natural neurologically based Chiropractic and the most non-invasive, effective care to help people avoid surgeries and massive amounts of (possibly harmful) medications to this area.

Together Dr. Karl and Lisa Baune have four beautiful children. That is where they found their joy of serving children, families and those in their Golden Years to reach their potential and health goals.

In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and four children. They love to go on excursions and love being spontaneous. He loves a good round of golf when he has time and lots of swimming and water sports in the summer months.

“Our impact in this world will go as far as our vision. Our vision to serve is dictated from our lasting purpose. Our purpose in this world is revealed not from our desire, but rather through direction from God”

-Dr Karl Baune DC

Meet Lisa

Lisa is the co-founder and co-owner of Power Total Health and is Dr Karl’s wife. When Dr Karl and Lisa opened Power Chiropractic Health in 2016, (now Power Total Health) she helped launch the practice for 3 1/2 years as the Practice Manager. You may not see her in the practice much, but she spends her time investing in Power Total Health by doing many projects. She does all the hiring, managing some aspects of our team, planning company and team events, and helping assist in our community outreach non-profit drives. 

Lisa is a mother to 4 of the sweetest children, who she absolutely adores! She wears many different hats including homeschooling her 4 children. She loves to entertain and host dinner parties, travel, interior design, and loves their four cockapoo fur babies. She is the glue that holds her family and the practice together. 

Lisa has a passion for total body holistic healthcare, and she enjoys empowering and educating others about the incredible benefits of living a holistic, natural lifestyle. 

When Lisa and Dr Karl met, she was eager to learn alongside him as he began his chiropractic education, learning about how the body and nervous system works. Lisa is a walking testimony of how chiropractic care has improved her health and overall well-being. For years before meeting Dr Karl, she suffered with chronic debilitating back pain and migraines. Being under regular, consistent chiropractic care has given Lisa her life back! During this time, she also struggled with infertility. After she began getting adjusted regularly, Dr Karl and Lisa learned that they were expecting their first child! Lisa received regular chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy and every pregnancy after. 

“I feel passionate about chiropractic care during pregnancy and natural home births. I want to be here to encourage and support expecting mothers and those who are struggling to conceive. In my experience, getting regularly adjusted helped my body to prepare for labor and delivery. I can’t imagine my life without it!” 

“God has given me an understanding that true healthcare does not come in the form of Tylenol or pharmaceuticals or a shot. True healthcare is taking care of your nervous system and body by getting adjusted regularly, exercise, vitamin D, sleep, having clean nutrition, clean water, and laughing.” 

Power Gives Back

At Power Total Health, we are dedicated and feel a calling to give back to our community through outreach efforts, awareness drives and helping to support these non-profit organizations in need. We have partnered with Fresno Mission, Pregnancy Care Center, Central Valley Justice Coalition, Pacific Clinics, The Lighthouse Recovery Center, and many more.

As a practice member, you will have the opportunity to joyfully contribute as we join together to make a difference in our community and be a light to those in need.

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