Volunteer Qualifications

Spirit 88.9 Volunteer Qualifications

As a Difference Maker with Spirit, you are expected to have:

  • Commitment to Christ – you have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Commitment to Spirit 88.9 – You believe in and agree with the ministry of Spirit
  • Commitment to Teamwork¬†– You strive to be a team player in the Spirit ministry
  • Commitment to confidentiality – You should never disclose or discuss with any outside party the sensitive information that may be viewed or heard during activities with Spirit 88.9
  • Commitment to Dependability – You are a partner with the staff and are so important to the ministry, we ask that you be dependable and on time for projects and events
Volunteers agree at all times to refrain from:
  • The use of illegal drugs and narcotics
  • Excessive use of alcoholic beverages or misuse of medicines
  • Swearing or using language unbecoming to a Christian
  • Involvement in immoral activities
  • Acts of dishonesty, such as lying or stealing
  • Physical, verbal, or sexual harassment of staff, volunteers, or others
  • Any other behavior that isn’t God-honoring