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  • Healing for recovery

    My great-granddaughter, Kamryn, 1 month old is having medical issues. She has a stiff neck and must have physical therapy and her intestines may not have fully developed. She will be going through medical test to determine the issues she is having. Please keep Kamryn in prayer for full recovery.

    I believe that all things are possible to those who believe.

  • Healing

    Prayer for my brother Arturo Godinez who's very sick with a bad stomach ache

  • Sickness

    Pray for me need all the strength after being sick for 6 months:(

  • Pray for me please

    My name is James P and I need prayer. I am literally fighting demons and negative energy

  • Please pray for my husband to stop drunk driving

    Please pray that my husband stops drunk driving and smoking weed. He regularly drives while drinking a tall can of beer, and then drinks 10-15 beers at the destination and then buys another tall can to drink while driving back, before passing out at home. He often speeds, swerves, drives up onto the curb, and also once he nearly crashed us into a concrete lane divider. When I told him I was so scared he didn’t listen, and when I told him the next day I was so scared he had no recollection of it. He told me he is worried he is going to end up an alcoholic like his mom. I am worried he is going to kill himself by crashing or kill someone else while driving under the influence. Please pray for my husband to stop drink driving, and please pray the enemy stops using my husband for his will. My husband is precious in god’s eyes and worth so much to god, please don’t let him go down this sinful route, and please reverse everything the devil has done in his life recently.

  • Prayer Needed

    I ask for your prayer so that God can give me the intelligence and wisdom to finish my final. It is due this Sunday and I have been struggling to focus. Thank you

  • Healing

    Please pray for Frank Davis he is in an Arizona hospital very sick with the Corona Virus and other health issues. He has been there 2 weeks. Needs a miracle. Thank you.

  • Battling alcoholism

    Please pray for me as I battle alcoholism. I’ve lost my home and family And I am fighting my way back home.

  • Foolishness

    Please pray for my foolishness and for wisdom. Thank you

  • Waymaker

    First & foremost thank you for taking the time to read all of our prayers!
    I come asking for prayer in help in agreement - asking God to make a way in a new career in another city. A career where He can use me and I can grow to my highest potential within a sincere culture. For this I pray amen!!!!

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