Prayer Wall

  • Help
    I have not money and need a financial blessing
  • Hope
    Having are hard times in life. And with bills just need help with prayer that everything will work out.
  • Dad has cancer
    My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. As we were about to begin treatment, the doctors put it on hold due to the possibility of him having another form of cancer as well. Please help and pray for his health.
  • Health & Healing
    Kathleen deals with aggressive lyme disease, fibromyalgia, asthma, and constant back pain, without much medical help. Please keep her father (a veteran dealing with PTSD and other issues) in prayer as well.
  • Child Care
    My wife and I need help. My son is 12 and daughter is 5. We need someone to help us and watch out children for a few hours after school that won't charge us our arms and legs. If there is any one out there that could help us email me back or just pray I find some help. God Bless -Lonny Anthony Wedell
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Prayer Requests