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  • Home Church

    I went through A LOT in 2017. I was attending a church but I didn’t feel accepted there. No spiritual support. As a single mom of 3 (10g, 9b, 3b) & the only christian in my family it felt dark at times, but I never lost faith because God has always shown himself. I am needing prayer to find a home church that will feed me and my children spiritually. I pray for Jesus to direct me to where I need to be. I need help finding a loving, nonjudgmental church, spirit filled church that has a good children's program. Thank you in advance for the prayers.

    1. Harmony Corrales

      Hi I am a christian myself and I was wondering where do you live because I might know a church for you. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • My Dad

    After Christmas my dad had a massive heart attack. I took him to the ER where we stayed for 2 days before getting a room. On Sunday he was well to go home for the holiday so he had to stay till 1/3. He is home with his daughter and she has told me that she makes all the decisions for him since she is his blood and I am not. I ask that the Lord will help me to forgive her for the hurt but most of all to help my dad get stronger.

    1. Harmony Corrales

      I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Mr

    For 7.5 years, I have not loved my wife the way God commands husbands to love their wife. I kept a secret of lying and was exposed, but I didn’t seek help, or apply the help when I was exposed. My wife has filed for divorce but God opened up my heart while I was at military training. I need God’s help to restore my heart, and I pray that my wife’s heart will be softened to see that the old husband I was is gone and that God has replaced him with the man after God’s heart. I ask for prayers to strengthen my marriage.

    1. Janet

      Lifting you in prayer that if you still love your wife your actions have to be seen. May the Lord help you to discover the man he created you to be and to love your wife as she deserves to be loved! God bless?

  • College Application

    Ok. So, I was going to a community college for about a year and a half. I left college after my grandfather died. I just decided to apply to Liberty University for their pre-law program. I decided this because I found out that I want to be in the US Senate. The best way to be in the senate is through education, preferably Constitutional Law. This is a huge decision for me. I just need prayer that everything will work out in the end. Thank You and God Bless!

  • In need of a Job

    I am 33 and a christian mother of two wonderful kids. I have been looking for work for months but no one has hired me. I want to be able to provide for my kids. Please pray for a door to open up soon, God bless!

  • finances

    I need prayer for myself this time. I always believe God will provide, but it's hard to make ends meet and just enough to make my house payments. thank you

  • Financial trouble

    My car car broke down and I have no money... I need a new car. I ask for prayer that God will provide.

  • Freedom from Oppression

    I feel under a constant spiritual oppression. No matter how hard I pray for this to leave I seem to get no breakthrough. I am also in need of financial healing, I do have a full time job, but I have had a lot of financial set backs that have caused me to be in a large amount of debt. Please pray for financial healing and freedom from all oppression.

  • Finding a home

    My daughter and I lost our apartment early this year and have been living with my parents. We just got approved for section 8 after being on the list for 6 years. I am having such a hard time finding anywhere that will give us a chance. All my daughter wants for Christmas ( which we are having to skip presents this year ) is a home for us. We have 2 months to find somewhere and I’d really like to tell her we have a home for Christmas... please pray for us. Thank you.

  • Healing

    Please pray For healing for my husband and myself. We have a serious virus. Please also pray for overall healing for my body, my blood pressure and blood sugar level. Thank you so much.

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