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  • I need prayers for my marriage restored

    My wife and I have been married 17 yrs and been together 18 yrs the problem is the devils been playing in our marriage and in our home life and family for a long time now in different ways and now my wife has filed for divorced on Sep. 5, 2017 and kicked me out Oct 2017 I am staying with who ever I can tell my wife calls me home or in tell I can find us a house and her and our son can move in with me and make it a home she believes in God, Jesus, and the bible but she wont believe me when I try to tell her whats going on that the devils attacking our marriage and home; the devil has her so lost and pulling her in all kinds of ways doing and saying all kinds of stuff she shouldn't be that's against us our marriage God and Jesus our 15 yr old tells me hes praying and crying out to God for his mom to see the truth call off the divorce and have me come home. There's a lot more to this God knows it all.

  • Job Interview

    I have an interview for a full-time position tomorrow 2/1 at 9: 00am. I've been working part time for a couple of months after not having a job for almost a year. I've applied for over 100 jobs this last year. I would like to receive prayer. Thank you & God Bless you all.

  • My self and son

    I am struggling with the faith and hope I used to have. How do I get that back ? I am currently struggling fighting full custody for my son with his dad. He has physically and emotionally hurt me and my son. The court is still allowing him to see him while knowingly he drinks and smokes in front of my son and does not help me financially. I lost hope and faith that they will not here me out. I need prayer please to have hope and faith that God will do justice and everything will be okay

  • Daughter's High Risk Pregnancy

    My daughter has been informed that due to her blood type, the baby is at high risk for many things and possible miscarriage. Asking for many prayers of healing and strength for them both

  • prayer for spouse

    Need prayer for my spouse in how he deals with family issues. His words are hurtful and I am the target.

  • needing prayer warriors

    I need prayer for my soul, body and mind especially my heart. The LORD is getting me ready for something, and I need so much prayer I feel like I'm breaking .

  • need a job

    my name is Jesu, I'm waiting and need for a job..please pray for me.

  • New Job

    Please pray for me so that I will do good and pass the exam I’m taking tomorrow. Pray so that God can be with me and help me successfully pass everything I need to pass in my first year of my new that I can trust in God and have more Faith.
    Thank you

  • Please Pray

    Please pray for our son Kainan. He is under spiritual siege and needs God's intervention more than ever before. Thank you.

  • Please Pray

    Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt
    My great Uncle and great Aunt , Sam and Marion Delione, they are very sick. They keep losing blood internally and the doctors have done everything they can for them, they don't know what to do now. My great Uncle said he ready to go see Jesus, but I'm not ready for them to go yet. But the doctors don't know Jesus. So I am asking for prayer for my Great Uncle and Great Aunt that Doctor Jesus will show them (doctors)
    what to do. Thank You in advance.

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