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  • Prayers for son

    Please pray for my son that recently was arrested and has three felony's. I ask for him to use this time to be really repents from his mistakes and that our Lord has MERCY on us and him and allows for the charges to be dropped. I ask him dearly to please allow my son to come home. It really breaks my heart to hear him hurt. We are in need of prayers for our family please! In JESUS name AMEN!

    1. Psp

      God, we have all sinned, and fall short of Your glorious standard. May this young man be convicted of his sin, repent, and know You are faithful and have the power to forgive, and transform us. May he be transformed in his heart and mind. May he see Your hand of love, mercy, and provision at which to in his life. May he truly be changed with the desire, and ability to seek You first, and follow Your Word. Use him to reach many for the gospel of Christ. May the Fruit of the Spirit burst forth into his life, because he is now surrendered to Your good and perfect will. May the family never give up hope, but keep praying in faith. and see their faithful prayers rewarded.

  • Patience

    I need prayers that God will give me the ability to be patient and to know that he is handling everything in my life. All too often I see myself getting anxious because things do not go my way, and I am praying that God has a bigger plan for me.

    1. Psp

      You are not alone in your need & prayer reques. He who began a good work in You is faithful to complete it. You are God’s masterpiece created for good thIngs He planned in advance for you. Have confidence in Him. Many Christians share the same challenges as you. Don’t be disheartened, Christ has overcome all our challenges, even if we do t see it yet.

  • Saving the unsavable

    My prayer request is for JV. He believes that he has done so many bad things on this earth that God will not forgive him. This is a sad way to live. Please help me pray that God saves his soul and shows him his great love. Thank you everyone.

    1. Psp

      In the name of Jesus, lies & shame be cut off and removed from JV. May he know the Truth, and be set free. Holy Spirit, come in power upon him, and reveal to home that Jesus’ sacrifice is enough. May he understand that we are not saved because we deserve God’s mercy, but because we receive the gift that God has given out of His great love for us. Jesus paid the price for that gift, and did so willingly. May JV know that Jesus paid for all sin present, past, and future for all who would believe & receive His gift. May God’s kindness lead JV to repentance, and freedom from guilt. May JV know that there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. May JV’s friend continue to pray faithfully, even if it takes years, knowing that the fervent prayers of a child of God work powerfully. Holy Spirit guide people around JV to speak prophetically into JV’s life, and to live out a life of confessions & confidence in the promise of forgiveness.

  • Need aJob and financial break through

    I ask for prayers that I will receive more hours at work, or God's will another opportunity to be presented.

  • Prayer request

    God bless all. I know that this might not seem important but I ask from the bottom of my heart to please pray for our family pet BUDDY our pup. He escaped, my kids and I miss him dearly. Please help us pray that he may return home soon

  • Save baby W

    My sister has a high risk pregnancy at week 21. Currently in the hospital. Prayers for Mom and baby


    I am a friend of the Family and have been participating in the search for Jason Kump who went missing on February 15, 2018. Here is the link that is on Facebook with details of Jason Kump.

    My prayer request, is that We ask our Heavenly Father to help find Jason and bring him home to his family and friends who love him very much. Jason is likely no alive, and is somewhere in the Fresno area. His bike is a key to finding him. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • 2 year old son severe speech delay

    Please pray for my 2 year old son who has a significant speech delay and is at risk for being diagnosed With autism, he is currently in speech therapy and autism intervention therapy daily he has shown so much progress in the last 6 months please pray that the progress continues that he learns to use verbal speech and that he does not receive a autism diagnosis in October when his evaluation takes place please pray for me to deal with all of this emotionally and to not lose hope and please pray that my family would soften their hearts and show more support thank you

    1. Kelly

      It\'s okay momma you got this even if he is diagnosed with ASD! The fact that early intervention has taken place, and he is progressing is amazing! A diagnosis doesn\'t define you!

  • Prayers for Brian

    Father your word says the prayer of faith shall heal the sick. I come to you today in faith asking that you heal my husband Brian from every sickness disease and illness. He receives his healing by faith in Jesus name AMEN

    1. Laura


  • Healing

    for my 3yr old grandson having eye surgery, strong faith for his mom and dad and us all. thank you.

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