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  • Healing, finances
    Please pray and ask God to allow me to keep my job or bless me with a better one. I asked someone on a date from work, in another department, and now my boss is trying to have me fired through the HR department? I need my job.
  • Transgender confusion
    My prayer request is for everyone come in agreement with me that the devin CAN NOT HAVE my 13 year old daughter. She told me last year that she is transgender. After watching In His Image, I decided that i couldnt call her male pronouns and by a different name. Yesterday she texted me that she doesn't believe in God and went repond to me calling her by name. We have been through a lot and I have FAITH that God is going to handle this. Thank you so much.
  • Healing for sick daughters
    Please pray for healing for both my daughters. My youngest has had an allergic reaction and we don’t know from what. We’ve had to take her to the ER the last 3 nights due to her throat starting to close.

    My oldest has been under Dr care for severe stomach pain. She is unable to sleep and rest during the episodes.

    Please pray for healing.
  • Healing
    Please pray that God would guide the surgeon's hand today as Denise goes in for a second foot surgery scheduled at 1 pm Thursday, March 25, 2021. Please pray and ask God for a speedy recovery. Thank you
    Please pray for healing, as I have been battling a rare cancer for the 3rd time in the past 2 years. Also asking for prayers for God to provide my husband with a good job to provide for our family. Prayers for strength during this difficult season. Thank you.
  • Financial provisions
    Please pray for me and my mobile home. Its been in need of a lot repairs .I have been having plumbing breaks and leaks non stop. As soon as I get it repaired. Another situation pops up. I've to spend over $1000. So far this year. And my electrical has been .blowing circuits ,outlets and switches keep going on and off. I have to bang on wall to get outlet to work in my living room. I haven't been able to use my dryer since last august. If I turn it on it shuts the whole house down. So I unplugged it. I'm on SSSI. I can't afford these repairs .thank you Jesus for my home .I moved in in Jan. 2018. I have had electrical and plumbing ,leveling problems since then. I know my lord didn't put in this have problems. I don't know any reliable handyman .I sure could use some prayer chain prayers please. Thank you and GOD BLESS You.
  • healing
    Please pray for healing for Brooklyn, she is in ICU! Thank you!
  • Anxiety
    I need prayer.I have been in a relationship for one month now and things are not working well.I know God is with me but I would like to ask for prayers and direction from God. I struggle with anxiety and have been suffering for the last few weeks. Thank you for your prayers I really appreciate them during this hard time.
  • For a reliable car
    Please pray that the Lord will with a car I was diagnosed with ALS and need a car to get to the doctor that are 4 hours away from home I am believing in the mighty name of jesus Amen
  • Healing
    Please pray for healing for Carmen and her children as the whole household has come down with Covid19. Thank you.
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