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  • Favor
    Please ask God to bless me with keeping my job as my 90 day time is up on June 3, 2021. My manager continues to talk badly about me to another manager as I am trying to walk with an attitude of faith and not fear! I pray God's will be done. I God doesn't allow me to keep this job I pray that He opens the door to the job that He wants me to have!! Thank you.
  • Healing, peace!
    Please keep my 3 year old cousin in prayer. Her parents were just given some tough info regarding her yesterday. She has a very rare genetic disorder that has very complicated and heart breaking side effects. There is very little research on this disorder and currently no cure. Her parents are having difficulty processing everything
  • Finances
    Please pray that the people trying to sue me drop their lawsuit. Thank you.
  • Healing
    Please pray that God heals my friend's Aunt who is in the hospital. Thank you.
  • I'm going for it!
    I'm going for a career change as a paralegal. Currently, I am a 54 year old security guard. My life is meant to be so much more than what I've been living. God has always had a plain for me and it's time I let him take the wheel.

    Please pray for me and my successful completion and for my God to make a way for me in this journey.

    Thank you all, and my God bless and keep you in his hands.
  • Pray for Jerianna
    Please pray for Jerianna she is going into hand surgery today , she’s at risk for blood clots. Please pray that’s she will be ok and have no complications.
  • Help
    I am being sued for $30,323.73 for an accident that I'm being blamed for but wasn't my fault!! Please ask God to have the other party withdraw the lawsuit. Thank you.
  • Prayer
    Prayer for my 16 year old daughter who battles with depression and suicidal thought during her darkest moments.
  • Healing
    Please ask God to heal Alex. Alex has asperger's syndrome. It's a form of autism. Please ask God to bless us all and Especially Alex with getting up out of bed one day soon fully healed and restored to full health with normal brain activity! Thank you.
  • Healing
    Please ask God that he restores Brianna's memory of me, her biological father. She feels that she has "only child syndrome" because her brothers are 6 and 8 years older than her. My former wife and I divorced when she was only a year and a half. I only got to have my children every other weekend. That is absolutely anguishing as a father who adores his kid's. Yes I'm still hurt by that and so are my children especially Brianna. My ex wife and her family have said terrible things about me to the children when they we're growing up now Brianna has been brainwashed by them and forgets the love that I had toward her and that doesn't allow any love in from me because of how she feels about me now as an adult because she can't remember how close her and I we're to each other! It is a daily twisting of a knife in the heart not being able to get through to my daughter. Plus she lives with her mother to this day. Please pray for us. Thank you.
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