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Mike Servaro Ruiz

Hi my name is Mike and my soulmate's name is Priscilla. I will request prayer for our relationship that it continued to be centered in Christ. I would like prayer for us to be married in the presence of the Lord and our marriage to be blessed and successful and whenever any obstacles are hardships May come that we are to overcome them with the Lord and to always love each other and encourage each other and uplift eachother in a godly way. I love Priscilla she's My Rib..... she taught me about the Lord and I was incarcerated and at the same time she was incarcerated we started out as pen pals fellowshipping and within time we fell in love and are still in love. Now I'm out and she's still fighting a case and I asked you to pray for her, that when she's in court it goes in her favor and that the Lord be with everyone in that room the judge the d.a everyone. she is innocent she didn't do what they're trying to say she did but because of her past they're trying to keep her that's happened to me so many times because of my past and it's sad that it's like that here in Tulare county we serve our time and you can be out over 5 years doing good being a law-abiding citizen and something happens to where I'm going back to jail and they want to give you a long time and I just pray that this does not happen to Priscilla. that the Lord allows us to have a relationship together and to just be in love with each other and with the Lord and have our family and have peace and happiness please pray for us pray for Priscilla and I. I love her with all my heart and I want nothing more than the opportunity to hold her hand or kiss her or to talk with her face to face, go to church with her and praise the Lord as One. just to have her sitting next to me would be the greatest thing for me. we need each other and we need the Lord am to stay with him and him with us please pray for us , pray we are allowed a life of peace, happiness, and Love,. thank you. God bless you and the world

Received: April 19, 2022

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