please pray that God will help me financially and spiritually. also that God can still help this certain person and their hearts. that God will open their hearts and see what they will see how of a good loyal faithful person I am and see what they will always and continue missing out so much by losing me. for good this time. and that im the best good thing that's ever gonna happen to them and help them to stop being so afraid. and pray for their family as well. I dont want this so sound Self of me but I really do love them and really miss them and miss praying for them. and I miss hearing Gods voice. and pray that God will the person will help them to see that its time for them to grow up and be a man and fix this. also pray God can still help them get right in their hearts again. help them get right in their hearts with me again. thank you.

Received: March 8, 2023

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