Auditorium Music Test

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How does Spirit 88.9 know what songs to play?  You tell us!

Join us for a special music survey in Visalia on Saturday, July 20th (at 10AM or 1PM).  There you’ll listen to music, share your thoughts, AND receive $50 cash for your time!  Fill out the form, and let us know you’re interested, and our friends at GOOD RATING RESEARCH will get in touch with you to finalize your spot at one of our limited sessions!

Panel Closed
The panel for this year is full. If you’d like to find out more about the waiting list, please call Good Ratings at 1-888-379-4147

*Must not have taken part in the 2018 music panel.  Participants from 2017 or earlier may reapply for 2019.

If you have applied and have not received contact, please reach out to Good Ratings: 1-888-379-4147!