Free Event Announcements

Free event announcements (FEA’s) are a great opportunity for your church, charity, or non-profit organization to get the word out about an event you are hosting.

  1. Fill out an FEA application at least 2 weeks in advance
  2. Include a 30-second on air script (about 80-100 words)
  3. Once approved, schedule an appointment to record your script in the studio to be produced (by us!).
  4. Listen for your announcement the week leading up to your event


There are guidelines that your event must follow to be considered for on-air spots.  Please make sure that your event follows these:

  • MUST be an actual event, with an actual date/location
  • MUST be located within our broadcasting area (between Fresno and Bakersfield, CA)
  • FREE to the public
  • NOT a fundraiser
  • NOT a church/ministry service or any other services that may reoccur

FEA Application

Sponsoring Organization

Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Phone

Event Name

Event Date and Time

Event Description and Location

Announcement Script

More info about the FEA Program:

Community Educational Broadcasting, Inc. (“Spirit 88.9 & 100.1” or the “Station”) welcomes San Joaquin Valley churches and not-for-profit organizations to apply for our Free Event Announcement (“FEA”) Program. This program normally provides to qualifying organizations from one to three announcements per day, as air time inventory allows, for as much as three weeks prior to the event. Available inventory is normally divided amongst all participating organizations evenly, although the Station reserves the right to make alternate allocations as it deems appropriate. Applications may also be refused should inventory be extremely low.

To qualify for the FEA Program, the special event must be offered for free to the general public. Events that charge admission or ask for donations for the purpose of fundraising do not qualify for this program.  Events that are located outside of our broadcasting area (the Central Valley of California, between Fresno & Bakersfield, CA) do not qualify.  Events that are ongoing or repeated (e.g. weekly church services, monthly meetings, etc.) may not qualify.

An Application may be requested by phone, in person, or online. The Applicant is required to provide its own voice talent to record the announcement. We prefer a “personal invitation” approach in each announcement by the senior officer of the Applicant, e.g. a pastor or director. Other staff members may be used. Anyone not on staff who will be voicing the announcement must be designated on the Application and receive prior approval from the Station management. All Applications must be submitted by a staff member of the Applicant.

Proposed script copy must be submitted with the Application for editing and approval by the Station. The Applicant should also provide background information regarding the organization, its beliefs, its purposes, and its activities if such information is not already on file with the Station. Station retains the right to request additional information to evaluate the Application and/or the proposed script copy. If the Station approves the Application and the proposed copy, it will set an appointment with the Applicant’s representative. Final proposed copy must be submitted by the Applicant at least 24 hours before the recording appointment date. Announcements should be no longer than 30 seconds (generally 75 to 80 words) and include an introduction of the person reading the copy. Produced announcements are limited to 30 seconds in length.

As a radio ministry supporting churches, charities and not-for-profit organizations of various Christian denominations, the Station seeks both to build bridges of communication and spiritual unity and to uphold the truths of the historical, evangelical Christian faith. To assure that the Station operates within our purpose, we reserve the right to deny inclusion in the FEA Program, underwriting announcements, or any other station programming, to any organization, individual, and/or information that the station determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, whose inclusion would not be in furtherance of our Biblical world view, Statement of Faith, and/or Christian mission, and/or whose inclusion would cause undesirable controversy among the station’s targeted listeners.