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  • hope

    I would like to thank God for looking over me these tough days. Been out of work since March 19th, no income, no response from unemployment yet. Please pray and know I am a man with more faith than fear. Thank you 88.9

  • Prayers for healing and strength

    My husband is in rehab (Alcohol) for the summer, 5 hours away. It’s hard on myself and my children. Please pray for his healing as well as ours. May we all have the strength to get thru this and may it be for God’s Glory.

  • Legal Obligations

    May I humbly ask for prayer this week. My wife and I have separated, and since she has contributed to my legal obligations this Thursday with lies and deception. Lately, life has been ugly with divorce, COVID-19, and being laid off. I can use some from the above. Please help me with a prayer/prayers this week.
    Thank you,

  • Offered Teaching Contract VUSD ASAP

    My Wife (Evelyn) was not offered a renewed contract at the School she taught at, for this coming school year.

    We’re asking, she would receive a contract for a teaching job (she’d love) with VUSD for this coming new year ASAP.

    Thank you very much for praying for us.

  • Prayer

    Unspoken prayer request please! God bless

  • Heartbreak and betrayal

    I'm praying for emotional healing after finding out my husband was unfaithful and was only using me and that our whole relationship was a lie. I was also a victim of narcissistic abuse and am seeking healing from the tactics used to manipulate and silence me. Even though I initiated the breakup, it pains me greatly that I mean nothing to him and he's actually turning others against me. I'm struggling with the cognitive dissonance of who he pretended to be and who he really was. My love for him was and still is real, but he's completely discarded me like I was nothing to him.

  • Deliverance

    I would please like to ask for the prayer of my ex-girlfriend who used to serve the Lord but now has resorted to drinking smoking partying and everything like that. I ask God to help bring her back to His ways so that she may be saved once again. It would mean a lot for us all to join me in unity to pray for this miracle to be seen in my life.

  • Unspoken

    Please pray for me. Thank you

  • Prayer request

    Please pray for my friend she I believe is going thru a rough patch.last time.i talked to her she said she was a sap I believe she is a loving kind meek lamb who I respect and care about deeply

  • grief/loss

    Please pray for Darianne, her husband passed away this past week. She is pregnant with their first child. Thank you, I appreciate it!

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