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  • Prayer for my husband

    Hi I would would like to request prayer for my husband Miguel who is lost in addiction and is very separated from God, me and our children. Please pray for his salvation and complete surrender to the Lord, for his freedom from addiction and for the restoration of our marriage and his relationship with our children. For the Lord to convict his heart of everything he is doing to let him see how he is hurting his family. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you.

  • New job

    I recently became eligible to teach. Since then, I have been applying everywhere, public & private school, Christian and non-Christian schools. I have had a few interviews and have more coming up. I ask for prayer in making the correct decision. I ask for God to guide me and lead me to where He wants me to be.

  • Break up

    Please pray for me and my ex boyfriend. We recently broke up after 7.5 years together. He says he’s lost and needs space. I pray that God will open his heart and help him during this battle and I pray that God will strengthen us and bring us back together. I’m taking it really tough as I cry and cry. I not only lost my better half, but I lost my best friend. Thank you for your prayers! God bless!

  • Prayer for myself - workload

    Hi I came to ask for prayer for myself today. I have been feeling very overwhelmed at work with my work load. I need prayer so that I may accomplish my duties by 08/03/2018. On top of that I need to purchase my flight to go see my dad that is in hospice care and I feel that this has just been to much for me and the last few months. Please pray for me so that I may find a cheap flight and that my workload is complete before I leave next month. I ask you Lord in Jesus Name! Amen!!

  • Prayers for my DAD

    Hi, My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreas Cancer last year in March. We are so grateful with our Lord Jesus for allowing him to still be with us this day at age 80. My favor I ask of you is to please keep him in prayer as I feel that his time is getting close. We want for my dad to be at peace and free of pain. Please pray that the time he is here with us, he is okay with no suffering. We don't want to see him like this. He doesn't want to eat any longer and he is starting to be forgetful of things and persons. I ask you for a small prayer for him In Jesus Name, Amen! Thank you!

  • Finance having partial foot amputation

    My fiance is having a partial amputation to his foot. He burned it pretty bad in February because he is diabetic the healing process has been very long and now infection has set in that they had to remove his 1st and 2nd toe. They want to remove all the toes. He is just devastated. Also with that, his children have been really hard on me because that's their dad and I should have no say so in this process. All I can do I is just put them in Gods hands on that. Thank you so much!

  • Marriage

    I need prayer for my marriage of 35 years. We have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. A counselor that my wife is seeing, who is not a Christian, told her our marriage is worth saving. Yet my wife says she is not ready for a relationship with anyone. After 35 years? Anyway, its torn the family apart and I really need your prayers.

  • Marriage

    Hi, not sure how to start this request but I need it in our marriage after 15 plus years. He's my high school sweetheart. The adversary has begun to destroy I'm on the verge of breaking I've lost trust and the butterflies I had for him. I don't want to lose this battle! But I'm fighting for my marriage and fighting the Good Fight of Faith! Please In Jesus Name!

  • Feeling drained

    Hello im a father of 4 beautiful children and a husband to a godly wife shes my back bone and we are also expecting another baby due in oct 2018, she currently is on bed rest due to complications due to her last pregnacy of our 5 year old , she was told we werent able to have any other children but here we are 5 years later shes pregnant we belive God worked a miracle so due to her being on bed rest so early in her pregnacy i had to take on another job im working 2 jobs 5am-1pm then other job 4-11pm its really draining me out but im here to ask for prayers i know jesus is the one who gives me strength to keep going there is times where i want to throw in the towel but god tells me no pls pray for my wife and i thank you

  • Protection and restoration

    Hi, my name is Hugo from Miami, Florida. I am writing to you to ask for support in prayer. I have recently been in trouble with the law and I am asking for God’s grace and mercy. I pray for God to touch the spirits of the judge and state attorney so I may not do any jail time. I pray for God to use my attorney in powerful ways so I can be a testimony to God’s mercy and glorious power. God knows my heart and I’ve repented. I have 2 daughters I want to see grow into warriors of Christ. I pray for full restoration of my heart. I pray for restoration of my family between my mother and brother and myself. I want to serve in God’s ministry and I pray for God to give me a heart like his. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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