Safe Families

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Our Families

We currently have around 17 active volunteer Host Families (with the goal of 30) serving in the Central Valley who are supported by a team of volunteers. Host families care for children during times of family crisis and support volunteers come alongside helping with services of transportation, mentoring or needed tangible items such as diapers, car seats or meals.

Our Churches

Safe Families for Children Central Valley churches play a significant role in recruiting and supporting their people to serve and reach out to parents who are in a crisis situation. Churches of all sizes and various denominational or non-denominational backgrounds are active partners with Safe Families for Children of the Central Valley.

Our volunteers come from the smallest to largest congregations, as all followers of Jesus are awakening to the urgent need of struggling families in our own cities and towns.

Our Team

Although our amazing volunteers are the ones who take the movement of Safe Families for Children into the community, they are supported by a professional staff. Our staff passionately invest their lives in engaging churches, building the base of volunteers, transitioning children, family coach supervision, vetting and training volunteers and so much more.

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