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Dani Fox at Dani Blain Real Estate helpis clients buy and sell real estate for over 15 years throughout  Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Kern Counties including The Central Coast, Dani and her agents offer services that help in buying or selling homes, new construction, commercial Real Estate  and empty lots. # 0 2 0 9 8 3 8 9

The making of this brokerage – its creation, development, and realization – is a wonderful and also heart-breaking story of believing and trusting even when it was the hardest. The culmination of this journey is the tremendous blessing of our brokerage, Dani Blain Real Estate where service, culture and integrity rise up.

The community of the Central Valley knew my husband well. Kevin Blain was an icon of business leadership, goal driven, and kindness wrapped into one phenomenal human being. After we married in 2012 the dream of our partnership in real estate began. In 2014 I retired from my career at the time to join him in real estate. We grew like crazy as a team under the Keller Williams real estate brand – from three support staff to over 20 and from six agents to more than 50. This growth we attributed to Kevin’s vision to always put people and relationships over the numbers, serve our team and clients well and always do what we say we would do. The glue and energy came from our faith, hard work, and loving our real estate family well.

That we were blessed was an understatement. With our blessings grew our dreams and goals.

The biggest of which was the dream to open our own brokerage. Our own brokerage would allow us the freedom to help our agents grow as big and as wide as they wanted
and to bless others in our community more as we grew.

In May of 2018 Kevin unexpectedly passed away. It seemed as if the doors opening for us were suddenly closed. There were so many changes and so much to process. But I had a choice – close up and be done or let the Lord’s leading and our real estate family’s vision guide me. With the support of our friends and family I was reminded the Lord is good even when our circumstance is not and I choose to believe this truth and trust in what God had begun with me and Kevin. So, I got my brokerage license and we began to lay the foundation of our future.

This real estate family Kevin had stewarded still saw his vision and the bigger picture, they wanted to continue the dream and it gave me courage to pursue it.

The focus of the new brokerage would remain the same – to elevate relationships between staff and clients over hitting numbers or watching the score board.

In September of 2019 we opened the doors on this dream brokerage where we focus on relationships, growing our agents and giving back to the communities we serve – all
while doing real estate.

In this company, we believe that serving you is meeting your specific needs. By meeting your needs, we help you succeed. When you succeed, we do. Here, it is normal to love and be loved, we uplift one another: agents, clients, and partners alike. Here, ‘you’ always goes before ‘me’. As Dani Bain Real Estate we do what we say we are going to do, and we always strive to do what is right. These ideals form the basis of our core values: service, culture, and integrity.

When you meet us, you will know that we want to know you better, learn your needs, and understand where you want to go. Then, no matter the size of your needs, we will work to discover the best path to help get you there. Throughout your project, endeavor, or transaction you will feel like you are working with a skilled, trusted, friend that is laser-focused on one goal – meeting your needs and making you feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the process.

At Dani Blain Real Estate, we buy and sell properties, serve the communities we work in, and grow real estate agents.

Connecting with people to help them grow one property at a time.

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