Alexxis: A Story of Compassion at Work

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Compassion in the Dominican Republic

Alexxis, 20 from the Dominican Republic is unlike his peers and friends from the neighborhood. He has a future. He has hope.

“A lot of the kids I grew up with are in gangs or worse. They don’t have future.”

Alexxis wants to be a lawyer and a pastor. You can see the pastor in him as we prepared to leave the small house where he, his mother and several siblings and cousins live. He made sure to gather the entire family into the living room for a prayer.

“I’m grateful to my sponsor and to Compassion,” Alexxis told us with the help of an interpreter. “It’s been good for my soul.”


Compassion International also helps the families of children in the program. Alexxis’s mom is being treated for cancer and Compassion is making that possible.


Compassion takes care of the family too:

Alexxis is like thousands of kids born into a situation less fortunate than me. The difference is he has done so much with so little. He knows Jesus loves him and cares for him and he wants others in his community to know the same.

His mom is also being treated for her cancer by doctors because Compassion is paying for her medical bills.

That is what his sponsor gave to him and his family when they chose to sponsor him for $38 a month.


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