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What defines real femininity? What are the marks of real masculinity? Those are the questions John Majors and Michelle Hill set out to answer through FamilyLife's new resource, Passport2Indentity™. Through this resource for teens and their parents, John and Michelle help parents explain to their maturing teens what manhood and womanhood are really all about. [...]
Tue, Apr 19, 2016
FamilyLife Today
How do we help our kids through those transitional waters called adolescence? FamilyLife staff members John Majors and Michelle Hill talk about Passport2Identity™, a new resource created to answer the most pressing questions young men and women have. John and Michelle discuss a teen's longing for independence and how parents want this too, but that tensions often arise as they guide a son or daughter to successfully stand on their own. [...]
Mon, Apr 18, 2016
FamilyLife Today
We know some people by their exploits in the political and business world, and others by their radical stand for the gospel. This man, however, was known for all three. Professor Owen Strachan reflects on the life of Chuck Colson. Owen talks about Chuck Colson's love for prisoners,and his work with Prison Fellowship, which he founded. [...]
Fri, Apr 15, 2016
FamilyLife Today