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What does it mean to be submissive? Courtney Reissig, a wife and mother of three, recalls her courtship with her husband, Daniel. Although she had left her feminist thinking behind and embraced submission in theory, Courtney tells how difficult it actually was to follow her husband's leadership in their early [...]
Wed, Aug 12, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Is feminism the default today? Author Courtney Reissig thinks so. Reissig explains that to most feminists, equality equals sameness. In Scripture, however, God made men and women equal before Him, yet unique in their distinctive roles. Reissign shares how God changed her from a staunch feminist to a Bible-believing wife [...]
Tue, Aug 11, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Would you call yourself a feminist? Growing up with three brothers, Courtney Reissig believed she could do anything boys could do and tried her hardest to prove it. Saturating herself in feminist theory in college, Courtney felt conflicted. Although she really liked guys, she didn't have a strong desire to [...]
Mon, Aug 10, 2015
FamilyLife Today