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Jed Renfroe, a long-time missionary to China, talks about the rapid spread of Christianity there. Renfroe reveals the challenges facing the house churches and underground churches, and explains how Christmas is celebrated by unbelievers and believers alike. [...]
Tue, Dec 01, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Andy Leininger, a career missionary currently working in Moscow alongside his wife, talks to Dennis and Barbara Rainey about what he sees God doing among the Russian people. [...]
Mon, Nov 30, 2015
FamilyLife Today
When things get tough do you blame or do you boast? According to Dr. Dan Allender, you probably do both. And if you do, you're in good company, because so did Jesus' disciples. Dan Allender explores what he calls "the Apostle's food fight" from Luke 11. [...]
Fri, Nov 27, 2015
FamilyLife Today
When we experience failures and defeats, it's tempting to walk away, and Priscilla Shirer says that's the moment when Christ often shows up and uses our defeat as a pulpit to proclaim His glory. Priscilla Shirer speaks on the Sisterhood of the Net. [...]
Thu, Nov 26, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Her job prospects looked bleak. After several closed doors, Ginny Owens began to realize that school administrators were unreceptive to hiring a blind music teacher. Opting for Plan B, she began graduate studies and settled for a desk job. Unfulfilled in both, Ginny wondered if she would ever feel hopeful again. Hear Ginny tell how God used that time to prepare her for a music career she could hardly imagine. [...]
Wed, Nov 25, 2015
FamilyLife Today