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Is love enough to sustain a marriage for a lifetime? Pastor Alistair Begg talks about the importance of understanding God's plan for marriage. [...]
Tue, Feb 09, 2016
FamilyLife Today
What really happens when you say "I do"? Pastor Alistair Begg tells what the Bible teaches about what is really going on during a marriage ceremony. Alistair explains how a couple is now purposefully, wonderfully, gloriously, intimately, dutifully, legally, personally, unconditionally, and affectionately "stuck" to each other. [...]
Mon, Feb 08, 2016
FamilyLife Today
We have e-mail, cell phones, and Instagram. But some of the fondest memories in life are reserved for face-to-face time with those we love. That's why intentional dads Greg Wright and Rob Teigen decided to really get to know their daughters-their likes, dislikes, concerns, fears and passions-by taking them out for regular father-daughter dates. Greg, Rob, and Rob's wife, Joanna, tell how these special one-on-one times have increased the family fun and have built a bridge to their daughters' hearts that will last well into adulthood. [...]
Fri, Feb 05, 2016
FamilyLife Today
When Greg Wright realized that he didn't have a clue who his daughter's best friend was, he decided to do something radical to reconnect. That's when the concept of dating his daughters took shape, and he's never looked back. Greg joins another fan of daddy-daughter dates, Rob Teigen, and his wife, Joanna, to talk about the benefits and challenges of spending one-on-one time with their daughters. [...]
Thu, Feb 04, 2016
FamilyLife Today
Is your faith growing as you trust God more and more? Pastor Crawford Loritts reminds us that Abraham-like faith doesn't deny the reality of your circumstances, but trusts in God's promises in spite of them. Crawford explains how we can teach our kids to depend on Him, too. [...]
Wed, Feb 03, 2016
FamilyLife Today