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Alex and Stephen Kendrick, co-creators of the movie "War Room," tell stories of answered prayer in the making of the movie. Joining them are T.C. Stallings and Michael Jr., who appear in the movie. [...]
Fri, Aug 28, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Pastor and filmmaker Alex Kendrick sees a trend among Christian men, and it's troubling. This trend toward compartmentalizing our lives leaves Christian men prayerless and ineffective before the onslaught of Satan. [...]
Thu, Aug 27, 2015
FamilyLife Today
How's your prayer life? Paul Miller, author of The Praying Life, reminds us of how dependent Jesus was on his heavenly Father, even to the point where he said he did nothing on his own. As Jesus prayed then, so must we, coming to God with childlike faith. A special [...]
Wed, Aug 26, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Is prayer often the first thing to go when life gets busy? Prayer warrior Paul Miller explains how praying to God should be just like having dinner with an old friend; you love being with Him, you don't have an agenda, and you can talk about anything. Paul tells how [...]
Tue, Aug 25, 2015
FamilyLife Today
Let's face it, prayer is hard work. Paul Miller, the former associate director of World Harvest Mission, talks about the why, when and how-to's of prayer. Paul encourages listeners to talk unreservedly to God as children do their fathers, and warns against giving into cynicism when it appears God isn't [...]
Mon, Aug 24, 2015
FamilyLife Today