Wear This Not That: From Cheap to Chic

September 21, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
Fellowship of Hope
120 South Locust Street
Visalia, CA 93291
Tiffani Shipman

At “Wear This Not That: From Cheap to Chic”, you will get ideas on how to dress for your body to both compliment it and give glory to God. You will learn how to build a closet full of essentials so that you can look like a million bucks, without spending it.
As Christians, we should start the fashion trends, not the world. Who says that skinny jeans are in? Who says costume jewelry is only for kids playing dress up? We should be the ones making the decisions. If sneakers and jeans are what you love, then rock it with a band tee and be confident in it. If dresses are your thing, wear them everywhere! We shouldn’t be conformed to what the world says about fashion.
The Bible says that we are to be a light to this world. You SEE light. Light leads you. That means people will be looking to us for direction…who’s to say we can’t direct the fashion world?

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