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Salvation and loveEwelina M001-24-2015
Please pray for salvation for Marcin. I love this man with all my heart and I would like him to be my husband in the future but he does not know God. His soul has been completely destroyed by having various sexual relationships with different people. He seems to be completely cut off from reality. His life is filled with sin. I am completely devastated. Please pray for Marcin’s salvation and that God removes all those negative people and influences from his life. Please pray that Marcin opens up to true love! May our Lord bring this young man down to his knees and show him the real purpose for his life. Please pray that Marcin finally understands what true love is and what a godly relationship is.
Inspection at work siteAnonymous001-23-2015
Hi, I would like to ask if you all may keep me in your prayers as I have a asset mgt. inspection on Monday the 26th. We(Maintenance and I)really need to shine. I ask for my Lord to help us through this inspection and give us the energy and wisdom, knowledge, etc. to complete all our work tasks that must be completed prior to his visit. God has been soo good to us and I have faith this will happen, but a little help with prayer won't hurt..=) Greatly Appreciated!!
Amber and Jason amber canniff101-22-2015
Please open communicattion beetween me and Jason
Headaches & Brain TestingDaron Crass401-16-2015
I have had headaches & memory problems since a cycling accident. They want to do a functional MRI to test for a slow bleeding in the brain. Please pray that they are able to find out whatever is wrong and help get it fixed.
Pray that God blesses me with a better Job.Michelle Cadena201-14-2015
Please pray for me that God blessed me with a better paying job with a good friendly enviorment with nice hard working employees. My current job I have been at for almost three years, had to quit once because of personal and bad management issues. Back there again because of money issues and they act like they want me back but they still continue to take advantage of me. I am a hard worker and I am tired of being used. My manager is very nosy, acts like my mother, suffocates me and makes me feel stupid and humiliated in many ways. I am currently in school full time and failed some classes because they difficult and all I ask for is God will help me get a better job so I can accomplish my goals in completing school and a better working environment. I hope I don't sound childish but I am being harrassed and interrogated at my job.
Anna fighting cancer Anonymous401-13-2015
Please pray for Anna whom is in surgery room as I write. Pray that the power of God heals her and restores her body and leaves her free of any cancer in her body. In Jesus Name Amen!!
A jobCarolyn Cooper201-13-2015
Please pray for a good job for me. Thank you!
A mother praying that I wont have to say goodbye.Anonymous501-12-2015
I'm currently going through a immigration process. I'm waiting for a answer that can force me to have to be apart from my two boys 8 and 5 years old and my husband of 9 years. long story short I was brought into the U.S. illegally when I was 5 months old I am 26 years old now. I'm not afraid or worry that there's a chance I have to go back to my birth place. I'm afraid of having to say goodbye to my children of not seeing them grow up. I'm afraid that they will resent me or have anger towards me because the truth is that they are to young to understand why I would have to leave them. I can be looking up to a 10 year sentence. Ten years that I will never get back. I have been praying to God for a very long time for this to be over. So I ask who ever takes the time to read this to please pray for me. I can't tell you my life story all the struggles i have had to go through but God Knows my story he see's my pain most importantly he know how long I've waited for this process to end but with a positive outcome.
Prayer for jobsAnonymous601-09-2015
In October I was laid off and haven't been able to find a job since. I've searched, had interviews, etc. and still nothing. I'm thankful that my husband and I have made it this far by God's Grace. Thank you Jesus. It just stresses me out I haven't been able to find anything. It's hard to not stress about the situation. Please keep me in prayer.

Also, I'd like prayer for my brother who is also looking for a job. He's been out of one as of August last year. He too has applied at multiple places and had interviews, but nothing has come up. Please keep us in prayer.
blended familyAnonymous601-09-2015
Please keep my husband and my 13 year old son in ur prayers. Pray for my husband's anger and drinking. For my Son's stong will personality and for our family struggles
Better health Anonymous201-09-2015
I'm 23 years old For the past year I feel like I have had different health issues and the doctors don't seem to figure out what's wrong. I have migraines all day every day and i am constantly over heated and dizzy. On top of it all I've got awful anxiety and depression. I almost just feel hopeless and I feel guilty because I know many people have worse problems. The health issues and mental health issues are holding me back from living my life to the fullest and I just wanna be able to live a normal happy healthy life.
Prayers for AndrikDana Smith301-09-2015
My 3yr old son Andrik was diagnosed with a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma (brain tumor) in Sept. 2012. After brain surgery, tumor resection, and 18+mo. of chemotherapy his tumor has remained stable since then...Praise God! His routine 3mo. MRI is coming up on January 21st, and I'm struggling with my fear and anxiety. I just pray for stable results, and continued healing for him, and ultimately to one day be cancer-free! I love listening to your station, it brings me so much comfort on days I feel it is all too much! Thank-you! Prayers on his FB page are greatly appreciated as well Thank you so very much!
Mentally Ill Son & myselfAnonymous701-07-2015
I want to ask for prayer for my son who suffers from a mental illness. He has had a hard life because drugs as well. It broke my heart to throw him out of my home knowing he has no other place to go. He recently stole money from me for drugs. He is now out in the street with no money, no shelter no i.d., I ask that God lead him to where he may get some help and that he follow through. And for myself. The guilt is killing me. I don't want to eat because I feel guilty that I have a hot meal and he may not. I have shelter and a warm bed and he does not. He is 33 yrs. old and I have done more than I can for him. I am hoping that he seeks help on his own. Thank you Jesus
Eric HernandezCristal Hernandez401-07-2015
A prayer for my husband Eric Hernandez. He is going through some health problems.
Family tiesAnonymous201-07-2015
I'm am a wife and mother and am asking for prayers against enemies such as satin in the outside world that are trying to break my marriage. I am praying for God to make the third tie to my marriage. I love my family and want it for eternity.
HealingDaron Crass301-06-2015
I have type 2 diabetes. I was in a cycling accident a few weeks ago and fractured an elbow, knocked out a tooth, and got infection in my leg. As a result of all this my blood sugar has gone way up for the last several weeks and I am struggling to bring it back down again. Please pray for healing.
salvationirma navarro512-26-2014
My name is Irma I have been listening to you guys for quiet a while know I am thankful for your insperational music my son went into prison about two years ago n I was very depressed n HD been suffering from anxiety it was All new to me n I felt overwhelemed but every time I heard the inspiring words of God n or music the darkness was meeting little by little please pray for my son that he my receive sLvTion in Jesus I thankGod for all of u there may he bless u n pour favor on a of your lives n family I will pray for this station to continue to touch lives just like it touched mine God Bless
Savastian Hernandez 13 year old Mary Saucedo612-18-2014
He was diagnosed with leukemia on April 21. Has gone through chemotherapy and has a heart problem due to the chemotherapy. He has an appointment for MRI at Valley Chidrens tomorrow. Swollen knee and they don't know what is wrong. Mother lost her job and does not qualify for unemployment. They need a lot of prayer. All he wants for Christmas is to have no pain. He is a very stron young man, and still praises God, no matter how much he has gone through. Thank you
Mother IllAnonymous512-17-2014
I'm asking to please keep my mother in your prayer, as she was just released from the hospital. She had been feeling ill for quiet some time now. She was under medication and was taking to much of it to help with sleep, to the point where her sodium was to low and almost caused her a stroke. Please pray that she recovers quickly and stops worrying so much for others and starts taking care of her self a little more. I appreciate it!
Please pray for Loretta she had a stroke, prayers for a full recovery