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Prayers for meVerna Avila206-20-2016
Pray for me who has pain in my knees & cramping.
Not wanting to eat waiting for authoration for dentures.
Strength, guidance from God for the FutureAnonymous206-20-2016
I have been presented with challenges, and I need to make changes for the future. Please join me in asking God for direction for my life. I need his guidance and strength.
Broken SpiritAnonymous306-13-2016
I just got out of an engagement because my ex fiancé and I were broken. I have found hope in God. I am now more faithful then ever. And it is the most difficult thing for me to let go of control and let God. Please pray I continue. As for her, she is an amazing woman. Truly I believe the love of my life. But broken, so very broken. Please pray she continues to seek the Lord. She continues to protect her heart and soul. Please pray that she finally allow herself to be loved like she deserves to be. I don't think she knew how to be loved, or truly love the way God wants us to, and the way we deserve to. We have 7 kids between the two of us who are missing each other now as well. Please pray for a miracle restoration. God and my family are everything
I just got out of a relationship not because not because of a lack of love but because the man feels broken. He has some mind viruses that have destorted his thinking and has made him believe that I deserve better and that he will never be able to love me like I deserve. I believe that God is telling me that he will heal and redeem this situation but I need prayer that I can wait patiently and he needs prayer that these lies would be revealed to him and that God would show him the truth of his identity in Christ and the ability he has to love.
Housing Needed ImmediatelyAnonymous205-31-2016
Please pray to help find a descent room or apartment to rent for $300-$400 a month in Bakersfield immediately. Any inquiries, may call (661)978-4752.
Could really use a breakthroughRob Glasscock205-31-2016
I really could use God to deliver me from confusion, doubts trying to come at me, and awful thoughts. I have been feeling really bad.
Prayers for My Brother Virgil in the HospitalVerna Avila205-26-2016
My brother got hit by a car while riding his bike. He has fractured pelvis,fractured left leg,fractured left foot,2 knots on his head,& lots of abrasions all over his body.Pray for healing & rehab care after he is released from hospital. He is homeless & we are praying he will get to go to a rehab care for rehabilitating care without no strings to stop my family to get him the care he needs that we cant provide.pray,pray,pray
negative thoughts Rob Glasscock305-23-2016
I could really use God to speak to me and encourage me, and show me hope.
Strength and healingAnonymous205-18-2016
for my daughter who has cyst on optic nerve and will see neurosurgeon for options. for strength for all and healing for my daughter.thank you.
Paul on Walking by SpiritSeth McAdams205-17-2016
Paul states that the righteous requirements of the law are fully met in those who walk according to the Spirit (Rom 8:5), and that if we walk by the Spirit we will not gratify the desires of the flesh. It is clearly a very important concept. Please pray that the Lord will teach/reveal to me what it means to walk according to the Spirit. Pray that the Lord will reveal it to me in context and through other Scriptures, teach me how to walk by the Spirit, and how to know that I’m living that way, every moment of every day. Pray that through this principle, the Lord will teach me how to overcome addictions and sins. Thanks for your prayers.
Missing Our GirlVanessa Bailey205-15-2016
We are near the end of the adoption process for a little girl we have had since she was born. She will be 2 this year. She was removed from our home 2 months ago. We don't know yet whether she will be returned; but we are trusting and praying that is the case. In the meantime, we need prayer for our broken hearts.
My daughter and her husband have separated. He really needs to get back to God. She needs strength to keep the Kids and herself in the word and in church.
negative thoughts and confusion Rob Glasscock305-10-2016
Please keep me in prayer, as i have battled some real negative thoughts and confusion-really looking for God to deliver me. Thank you
My boyfriend has been battling addiction please keep him in prayer for Gods deliverance and a sober life serving God
My marriage Scott B305-09-2016
Please pray that God restores my marriage. That He heal and soften my wife's heart and continue to mold me into the man He has called me to be.
healingjohny j305-06-2016
Big prayersRob Glasscock205-06-2016
I have been dealing with some really ugly anxious thoughts and confusion with them-please pray for any possible strongholds or attacks to be broken off.
Amber going to Thailand and CambodiaBrandi Rauen205-06-2016
Please pray for my daughter Amber and her team who are leaving tomorrow for Thailand and Cambodia to witness to young women, some as young as 12, who have been pulled out of sex trafficking. It's very hot there and they will see a lot of stuff that is very hard. Please pray for safety and safe travels there and back and that they may be a light for these women. Thank you!
close to Godconnie sousa205-05-2016
i pray that me my boys John and Matt Bridges stay close to God. Our friends and family that are not close to God too.
daily anxiety & depression Anonymous205-05-2016
i ask for prayer because i don\\\'t want to depend on pills God is my cure and i want to leave it in his hands.everyday is something and i\\\'m so overwhelmed i need everyone to just get along less drama and worries. i ask everyone to help me let it go i want and think i\\\'m an overcomer (mandisa) but something is keeps blocking me.

thank you Amen