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what is best for my niecececilia arola007-30-2014
to keep my niece safe. no more abuse from her mom or anyone. that it not be taken lightly. that even though my family is taking my sisters side the judge in court tomorrow feels different. my niece has faith and I don't want her to later as she is older to loose faith. please pray for her.
Thoughts and wordsAnonymous007-29-2014
I need prayer for my thoughts and what flows from my mouth. which have been terrible lately. Which comes from a messed up heart and that troubles me. I need prayer that God would change and cleanse me
Wisdom, Peace, and ProtectionAnonymous107-29-2014
I am asking for prayer for two very dear friends of mine who are facing some difficult circumstance right now. Please pray that God grant them wisdom in the decisions they must make, peace and most of all protection from all violence and evil that has been threatened. They have been praying as well as I but we need all our brothers and sisters to join us. Glory be to God. Thank you.
Save the babiesAnonymous007-29-2014
Joshua and Nicol are pregnant with triplets. The amniotic fluid sac around the bottom baby ruptured and it is way too early for the baby to survive. The doctors are trying to minimize the contractions and hopefully stall the birthing process. They may lose this baby and the other two may be in danger. The family and friends are truly in need of a God miracle for these 3 babies to survive.They are praying that God will restore the sac.
without hopeStephanie Carrier007-25-2014
Please pray for me and my household. We found bedbugs in our apt. Our landlord won't help us. We can't find another place. I'm sleeping in my dining room. I'm scared and full of anxiety

I'm hoping God will restore all the devil has stolen. Thank you and God bless you.
ONLY prayers can change my lifeJilian Rose107-24-2014
Heavenly father I know ONLY prayers can change my life, I am all alone. Father forgive all our sins, take complete control of myself, my cruel husband & my daughter, devil may not touch us till we all come to YOU, I am broken & have become very weak mentally & physically, I need rest & peace, keep me healthy. Father compelled my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery & repent. Father shower YOUR blessings of peace, love, joy, happiness. Father show his sister ,her son & Aunts that YOU are with me, destroy all their plans & protect us. Father help my daughter in her study & keep her healthy. Father with rolling tears on my knee I beg for YOUR mercy, since 3 ½ years restore my 19 years of marriage, hide identity. IJN Amen
Marriage restoration Anonymous107-22-2014
Please pray for my marriage and my Christain husband. My husband has left me 9 times since we got married Feb. of this year. I have prayed, forgiven him, and let him come back home every time. I am broken and I can't do anything more but pray and ask for God to restore my brokenness and heal us both. I just want God's will for us both. We all make choices for God's blessings or curses the enemy has for us. I have chosen God's Blessings for my life. I pray wherever my husband is that he reaches the end of himself and turn from the generation curses that have him bound. I pray that he sees the drugs, anger from his past, hate, bitterness from past hurts is just the enemy setting him up to destroy his life and his calling. Please agree with me and pray for his salvation. I pray that God continues to carry me through this trial, pray for peace, and for the grace that only God can give. God Bless... Thank you in advance!
closer to godwendy pina307-19-2014
would like to pray for me so that i could have a stronger relationship with god im only 17 but i would like god to use me to bring other people to church and teach his word to others. i also have a secnf prayer request that is for my mom because she hasn't seen her mother for about 13 years since she's in mexico and my mother can't go to visit. it hurts to see her the way she is so i pray that if god willing one of these days she can reunite with her mom. thank you
Thank youLeticia Ochoa307-16-2014
I asked for prayer to get a job and now I have a couple interviews this week. I pray for God's favor, strength, clarity, wisdom, and my job in the end.
Restoration of MarriageAnonymous1007-12-2014
My Christian husband abandoned me (adultery an issue.) Left me alone with no provision, no rent money, got an apartment by himself. I soon was destitute, had no money for rent. Had to live in shelters. Tonight I went to church, saw him - he was being very animated & friendly with several of the single women. We are still married. Pls pray God makes it very clear to him His displeasure for abandoning his household and breaking his vows. Pls pray for provision for me.
hello, lately i have come across some struggles. I'm ask prayers for our Lord can provide me some seeds so i can plant be better financially so i can provide for my family. My wife has kindney faliure and we come across so many medical bills. she is on the kidney transplant list but its a slow processes. i just need positive thoughts and prayers, thank you
Direction of Gods will for a job Anonymous407-08-2014
Please pray for Gods will in my life im going through a change and I would like direction from God through this time.
I need a job Anonymous307-08-2014
Please pray that I find a job that meets my degree qualifications. I graduated and can't find a job. I have a school loan, my husband and I are thinking about moving out of our home, and I just feel scared I will not find something that I went to school for.
Thank you and God Bless
Father hear my cryJilian Rose507-07-2014
Heavenly father forgive all our sins, take complete control of myself, my cruel husband & my daughter, devil may not touch us till we all come to YOU. Father I have become very weak mentally & physically, I need rest & peace. Father look at my daughter & compelled my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery & repent. Father shower YOUR blessings of peace, love, joy, happiness. Father help my daughter in her study. Father with rolling tears on my knee I urge YOU since 3 ½ years, hear my cry & restore my 19 years of marriage, hide identity. IJN Amen
Miracle financial breakthough from GODJerome Pierce107-05-2014
To any Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
This prayer request is a prayer agreement with Brother -in Christ Richard Roberts Ministries & My family & my Wife Linda over 30 Years of marriage & me. GOD will bless us a Miracle Financial blessing and erase My poor Credit score of 500 .2nd GOD to bless us with a paid for brand new House for Linda & me before this August 31st coming up2 months from now.. GOD to help our Children & Grand Children Spiritual. Financial, Physically thank you for praying for these Prayer Requests Brother Jerome Pierce
My SonAnonymous407-04-2014
Please add my family to your prayer chain/team. My son who is 17 was out of state with his dad for a family reunion. While he was there he accidentally started a fire and burned down several buildings and property. Praise God no one was physically hurt. When he returned back to California yesterday. I had been notified of the event that morning. When he finally arrived we sat and spoke and he turned himself into the local authorities. At this time the out of state detective has been amazing. He let us take our son home last night and the detective will contact me to discuss how this will all go down. My son is in serious trouble and he is just shy of 18 which could make this worse on him.

Now let me back up a little. My son is a good kid and has been raised in church but has had some struggles. He witnessed my divorce. He has ADHD and I also feel Asperger’s but could never get anyone to formally test him. His dad and I never agreed on his treatment and he eventually wouldn’t comply either. He has all but failed high school. His teachers all like him; but he lacks the motiviation to see things though and then has no accountability. He had gotten into a bad crowd and I believe has been experimenting with drugs. He has never been in any formal trouble before but it was only a matter of time.

I know God can bring all things to good for those who are called according to HIS purpose. Please pray that good would come of this. That somehow God will reach Lathan through all this and help him see he needs a change. His path is destructive. God’s way give Life. This is totally uncharted territory for me and my family. Pray that we will find a good attorney in that state to help us. Pray protection for Lathan. Pray that a Christian will somehow be able to minister. That Lathan will be able to catch a glimpse of Gods plan for his life.

I am lost myself. I really just don’t know what to do. My relationship with my new husband is suffering because of all of this. Of course it is not just Lathan but it adds strain. We potentially will be looking at a huge financial responsibility that we cannot afford.

Just please I need your prayers and appreciate your support in this battle.

Thank you and God bless.
God is proving for me and my familyAnonymous107-04-2014
God in heaven, I humbly ask your forgiveness for the sin of coveting. I see everyone around who seems to have more, bigger checks, nice houses. I know that you will provide me all I need, you feed and cloth us. I know that sometimes I wish for more, and that is why I don't get those things. I do count my blessings. If it is your will that I live humbly for the rest of my life, then that is how I will live. Everyday you show me someone whose life is harder than mine and I count my blessings again. Amen, Thank you
To much to handleAnonymous407-03-2014
Please pray for my family I lost my mom unexpectedly on April 28th and my dad collapsed in my arms exactly one month to the day to hemmoraging, luckily we were able to get him through it. I was so close to my mom I feel like I cannot go on without her. Also please pray for my sister that has a drug problem and constantly steals from my parents. I have confronted her with this and now I have become a victim of her bullying. I just don't know how much one person can take? I feel like I am at the end if my rope, I just need a lot of prayers. I also request a prayer for my dad for complete healing. Also prayers for my family my work is very stressful, I haven't been doing to well because of all the stress at home.My husband has had not much work and I feel everything has come down to me to make sure the bills are paid. To much for one person to handle. Thank you so much for your prayers.
Pastor David Stepp of Bakersfield Christian Church has passed awMelody Graham307-02-2014
Please keep Pastor Stepp's family and our congregation in your prayers. Our beloved pastor has passed away today. I do not have details, but this is a difficult time for many. He touched so many lives and his church will continue to serve God. There will be a service tonight, but any further details on a funeral or memorial service have not been provided. This just happened this morning. Thank you for your prayers.