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prayer for my oldest sisterAnonymous603-03-2015
SInce her husband passed away in 2007, my oldest sister has been plaqued by illnesses now a head tumor, then she went to apply for survuvors beneifts thru ssi and finds out that a lady alleging to be his wife had already tried to get those benefits. this same lady, who we do not know, has tried to get a car loan in my sisters name and somehow got a loan in my sisters name. My sis and her late husband had some major problems early on but she thought that was in the past. SHe is seeking counseling treatment and with her health issues she is just beside herself. Her 4 grown kids are caught up in their own lives and blame her somewhat for his death, even though he was on liver transplant list since he was former alcoholic and drug user. We truly believe his mom did witchcraft and he left those bad spirits or something in her home. We are constantly praying for her and she reads her bible, but we feels she just needs to sell her home and get away from it. We know that only God can get her thru all of this.
Salvation for familyAnonymous103-02-2015
My family has not yet been saved. Please pray for the salvation of my Mom, Dad, brother, and two nieces. Their names are Mary, Roger, Dave, Ellie and Amanda. May God bless you!
HealingD K003-01-2015
Please pray for a miraculous healing from depression and addiction in my life. I have been suffering a long time and would love to feel joy and contentment again. Thank You and God bless.
Raymond GaylerTara Fletcher002-27-2015
Please pray for my Uncle Raymond. He fell today and is in ICU at Kawea Delta. No one can get into see him or will tell us much about his condition.
Sealed with the Holy SpiritAnonymous002-26-2015
I have been born-again, but the Holy Spirit has since left. Please pray that I would be sealed with the Holy Spirit. May God bless you!
Prayer for Bailey and BrodyMari Wilker002-26-2015
My friend Cindy's grandkids, Bailey & Brody's parents are divorced and the dad (whose not a Christian, Mom is a christian) has made claims and now the courts have said until they go to court in April the kids are not allowed to go to church or to their Christian daycare until the court hears the case and rules un it. Please pray that this will be overturned. And also for protection from the things the Dad says against the Mom to the kids.
I was forced to resign from my job. My unemployment ended. I started a new venture but it is not yet meeting my families financial need. Pray that it meets our needs above and beyond.
financial blessingssony motwani motwani002-24-2015
pls pls pray for financial blessings on me and my family. we are having financial problems and my husband does not have any constructive work to do. pls pray that our lord opens doors of oppurtunities for him and pls pray that i dont have to give up my house due to financial problems. also pls pray that our tile company is saved. pls keep us in your daily prayers. thankyou.
being attacked by satanic cultPaul wog202-21-2015
My family and friends and I are being attacked by my old neighbors with black magick. Kristin my old neighbor has soul ties to me. please pray for all of us!
For My Depressed BrotherGloria Nacua302-20-2015
Please pray for the spiritual and physical healing of my brother Dario. He is a homosexual and feels confused. He also thinks he might have AIDS.
Coming back to ChristAnonymous202-20-2015
I have been a Born Again Christian since I was small; however, throughout life I have fallen away from the Lord's path and the past several years have been very hard times for me. The Lord has recently pulled me back toward him and I am eagerly attempting to walk the right path. I've been on disability from work for the past 2 1/2 months for work related stress and just started back last week. Prior to coming back, the Lord spoke to me and told me to meditate in him. I purchased a bible and have been reading it almost daily as well as a book of devotions. I feel so much better at work and at home; however, I know Satan will work 10x harder to make me stray again. I ask for prayer in strengthening my relationship with God so that I can allow him to use me for his purpose as well as helping me to remain at peace at home and work especially with my supervisor. Thank you!
Financial StruggleJacque Chavez302-13-2015
Please pray for my family. Our PG&E was shut off due to non-payment by my ex-roommate. We thought she had been paying all along and she hadn't. It's a ridiculous amount due now and we do not have the funds to pay it. We need a miracle only God can provide. Thank you.
Wife needs a new footLonny Wedell202-13-2015
My wife is hurting she is working cleaning a hotel and is in pain every day on her heal. My wife needs healing on her foot. I pray that God will restore her foot and that she will be able to over pass the people she is working with.
Career Anonymous102-12-2015
Please pray that Jam gets a YES your hired soon. And pray for our patience while we wait THANK YOU
Please pray for my fathers health and job. I lost my mom 9 months ago and it seems like my dad has just been going down hill with his health and everything going wrong with his job. I pray for peace for him and things to get better. I would also ask for prayer for my job everyone in my dept got fired and I am on my own right now trying to show my bosses I can handle this. I pray for wisdom and strength to get through this and be able to keep my job.
Thank you for your prayers
Prayers for JaseAnonymous202-06-2015
This request is not for me... It's for the family of a little boy named Jase. Jase had brain cancer and passed away this morning, returning to the arms of the Lord. His family has been drained both financially and emotionally. Please pray for them. They need all the support that they can get in this difficult time. Please also consider doing one thing in memory of this little boy; whether it be giving one more hug and kiss to your little one or paying for someone's coffee. #1Thing4Jase

Our time on this earth is as God will's it to be. Let's make the most of it. Thank you for your prayers.
my mom & her bfAnonymous402-03-2015
Please pray that my mom and her bf break free from their addiction. Please pray they find a job, that they get motivation to better themself, not only for themselves but for God. :'( I have faith that God can turn anything broken to something beautiful, please pray for them..
Searching for a new job and homeMatthew Reinalda801-29-2015
I could really use some prayer right now. I was just informed 2 days ago from my brother-in-law/boss that I need to get a new job. I really don't know what to do because my house is a part of my employment. My wife and I are now in the process of searching for a new chapter in our lives. I'm asking for prayer that we can stay in God's word daily and put him before everything. We know he will show us the right path. I just pray that we can listen to what he has to tell us and also not let our marriage slip away with all of this. Thank you
Career/Jobannalisa esquivel501-28-2015
Please pray for my friend Jam that he is called to work. He is waiting for an answer and I am asking for prayer that its YES
Salvation and loveEwelina M701-24-2015
Please pray for salvation for Marcin. I love this man with all my heart and I would like him to be my husband in the future but he does not know God. His soul has been completely destroyed by having various sexual relationships with different people. He seems to be completely cut off from reality. His life is filled with sin. I am completely devastated. Please pray for Marcin’s salvation and that God removes all those negative people and influences from his life. Please pray that Marcin opens up to true love! May our Lord bring this young man down to his knees and show him the real purpose for his life. Please pray that Marcin finally understands what true love is and what a godly relationship is.