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anxiety and maybe spiritual attackRob Glasscock107-21-2015
Been getting really negative and awful thoughts-please pray for peace, closure, clarity, and for God to show me peace of mind and his love.
Divorce/CustodyEsther Perez507-15-2015
My husband and I separated two years ago, and in the last two years ive tried to just leave things alone and not file for anything and let God work, my husband has had ya couple affairs, and we've been on and off. Now he has a Girlfriend that hes had for the last 9 months or so, and he filed for divorce and 50/50 custody of our two daughters. Two weeks ago we went to mediation and God worked in there I got full custody of my girls and he only has visitations. Tomorrow we will be going back to court for child support, I request prayer that God move in that court room and that the correct amount of child support is given for my girls. My husband is really selfish and wants nothing to do with God and at one point in his life during our marriage he was all about God. I know God has the last say in all this. Our divorce will be finalized in December, ive questioned and doubted God many times, but he's never failed me even when i've felt alone. This has been one of the hardest trials of my life yet to come. Even though man says my marriage is over and my husband has a mistress, i know God can restore like never before. More than anything Im asking for prayer for my girls to be able to have that family and not grow up in a broken home. Please keep the Perez Family in prayer. For God to work in my husband and his heart, i know Hes has the final say in this marriage.
Need God Anonymous207-13-2015
I pray for my family and me because I'm stressing out alot and i cry my self to sleep because i and overwhelmed with it all. I feel like im the cause of all bad things and i dislike that alot. I only want good things and i pray for my parents cause they work so hard that they get no brakes and i just know they are streejng out to so i pray that we all can get throw the day and not have to cry my self to sleep every night. Please pray for us. It would mean alot to us. Help us find god agin i feel like he left me
Sealed with the Holy SpiritBrian D107-13-2015
I have been born-again, but the Holy Spirit has since left. I don’t want to end up in Hell. Please pray that I would be sealed with the Holy Spirit. May God bless you!
Cancerkiki rose107-12-2015
i want to pray for my dear friend he is balding cancer and im not shure how long he has. Hos kids were taken from him and his wife is dateing some one else i pray that he gets better and gets to see his kids agin. I pray that he gets stroger and when he can get out of bed that he is strobg enuph to dance his tailes off.
FamilyAna Hernandez207-09-2015
Hi I'm not good with words i apologize so im jut going to let it out as i go, it may not make since so here I go. I feel so lost like if I don't belong. Ive been going through custody battel for 2 years and I feel like Im loosing my kids . No matter how hard I try It seems like Im going back insted of fowared. I know God has not left me but I feel so empty inside. My fiancee who is not the father of my 3 oldest kids, is getting more distant from us. I just don't know how to deal with all this. Please pray for our family.
Pain that does not stop. Prayer that's don't helpAnonymous207-08-2015
My whole world is falling a part . My wife left 2-1/2 years ago. File for divorce about 3 months later. Took our kids. I lost jobs, home, then my mother lasted year lost my mind for week or two. Was a leader of church. For no reason I was removed that's all I had. Oh and on our 8th anniversary it would've been 8th anniversary . I was told it's over . End of marriage . I put all these things in gods hands all were removed. Thru my prayers and many people around me. That just the stuff I have time to say it's so much worst. I pray my life ends soon. I am ready God.
Sons appointment tomorrow at Valley ChildrensAnonymous207-08-2015
Our 5 year old son Erik, has and appt tomorrow morning at 8:40, he'll get lab work, Iv's in first. Then is scheduled for the bone marrow test at 11:30. He'll be in recovery for awhile then should be able to come home. Results on that could take 24hr to 3 days. The Doctor called me just now and some other test's got approved by insurance so they'll be running those as well, those get sent to Seattle Children's hospital so will take a few days on those. Prayers for his strength and that he's not too scared, and us to keep strong for him.
Prayer for my Mother in LawElena Ceballos107-03-2015
I'm asking prayers for my Mother in law Alicia. She was diagnosed with stage 4 incurable colon cancer. I believe and know what the power of prayer can do. I ask for Our Heavenly Father to lay his healing hands upon Alicia and heal her. To grant my husband peace and comfort. Thank you and God Bless.
Prayers for Jonah PanduroAnallely Gomez107-02-2015
He was in a very bad boat accident and is barely hanging by a tread of hope, Please unite in prayer for a miracle for this only child son, parents are Bruce Panduro and Lisa Barrera from Corcoran CA. Please please pray for a miracle in his life for those unbelievers to believe through him, In Jesus name I pray!!!!
Prayer for grieving familyAnonymous506-30-2015
She went peacefully on July 2. Please continue to pray for the family and friends left behind especially her husband, daughter, and mother

Original request:Please make an announcement and ask the radio listeners to be in agreement for the healing of my best friend Rina. She is 31years old with a 5 year old daughter. She has been fighting breast cancer for almost 4 years. Multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation. There has been a fast spread over the last month. Today the drs say her organs are failing and give her 1-2 wks to live. She is in a lot of pain and is getting tired. But we know that God promises healing and health. He bore our sicknesses and diseases. By His stripes she is healed and whole and living a healthy life. She will be able to see her daughter grow up into a beautiful faith believing young lady. Others will be delivered by her testimony of healing. In Jesus name! Amen!
Prayers for OmarAnonymous206-30-2015
I would like prayers for my sons dad his name is Omar he is battling a drug addiction at the moment and I pray that God helps him through whatever he may be going through. I pray that he gets better and overcomes this addiction his family needs him and really loves him. Thank you.
prayer for healing/protectionAnonymous106-29-2015
Please pray for a miraculous healing for Dean who is facing a possible amputation, for Daniel to will be having surgery on his heart valve and for protection of William who just left over seas. May the healing, loving, protected and blessed hand of Jesus go before these three and allow God to perform His perfect miracles before these men's families and may the doctors know the healing is evidently from God. Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ! thank you for your prayers!
Prayer for a promotion Bethany pine406-25-2015
I had my promotion interview today and don't think I dogs to well. I ask prayer for a positive outcome from this interview.
Full recovery for Leia FernandezBecky Fernandez506-25-2015
My niece Leia Fernandez who resides in Visalia and just graduated from Redwood High was in auto accident on Monday 6/22. She is undergoing surgery today 1:30 at Fresno Community for fractures in her neck. As of today she is feeling her arms but still has paralysis in her legs. We pray for a full recovery and for her parents to have faith she will walk again.
Divorce and loss hurtsdanielle frantzich206-25-2015
This month has been a tough one to get through. My parents are getting a divorce after almost 33 years together. My dad just walked away from us all. With this loss their dog became lonely and sick with cancer. She was in so much pain. My mom is taking this the harsets. Also prayers for my brother. He is disabled and every time we think he is starting to heal another part of him begins to fall apart. I pray his pain is minimal this week. I wasn't sure in would make it through this. My depression was creeping its way up. But listening to 88.9 at work has helped me. If it helped me then maybe it can help my family too
family issuesAnonymous206-24-2015
need urgent prayer for my grandchildren & daughter. daughter needs immediate job to pay for rent, car, & her family needs. grand daughters have a great need to get close to Jesus, having problems with boys. pray for them to associate with godly friends, & pray for ultimately their boyfriends to be followers of Christ. my grandson is a young 7 yr old who is being misled to believe in the muslim kuran. please pray for my daughter to keep her family together with the Lord leading & guiding her.
HealingAlicia Martinez206-24-2015
Can you please pray for Christina Navarro. She is pregnant and is facing the possibility of miscarrying or baby can have disabilities.
Urgent Prayer RequestAnonymous106-23-2015
On December 3, 2013 my fiancé and I lost our baby and on December 5, 2013 we lost his mom! We have been struggling every since and when his mom passed away she left the house they were living in to him. My fiancé has not been able to find a steady good paying job and we have been struggling to pay the bills and we are about to lose the house if you can please pray that God will help us with some kind of miracle to help us save the house please we have no clue what we are going to do and that we both will be able to find a good paying job it will be much appreciated thank you
Neighbors SeparatedAnonymous106-19-2015
Rudy and Leticia have separated. Their son, Gavin goes back and forth between households. Please pray for confession, forgiveness, healing, and restoration of their family. May they know the salvation of the Lord spiritually, and emotionally.