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Prayer for my grandpa and loved ones to get saved, baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost
heart attactAnonymous011-21-2015
Elizabeth Grijalvia
Prayer for HealingGloria Nacua011-20-2015
Prayers for Heather Van de Kerkhoff and son Kohle and daughter Aspen. Kohle and Aspen have been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease which is known to be a terminal illness.
Husband taking licensing testAnonymous311-12-2015
pray for my husband who will take his final test for his Marriage, Family, Child Therapist License. pray for a focused mind, courage, and peace. Will take place Saturday Nov.14 at 9am
Decisions in Life Mariah Boland011-09-2015
It's been hard for me to make the right decisions in life. I had strayed away from God. I did make the decision to go back to college and get a degree in Constitutional Law. Last night was the first time that I have felt love. A man named Bob Larivee, who is running for US Senate, lead me to Christ. I ask for prayer for my life to be complete. Thank You!
I need God's provision to resolve a situation I am in.
Pray for those about to give upDezi Von910-27-2015
Even though my personal battles might seem impossible to overcome, I have, and only with the strength from God, so I would like to spread this strength to those who might not know our savior. I would like to request a prayer for them, that they may seek refuge in the lord. Without him, nothing is possible. I know.
Lord send me something!Anonymous510-21-2015
I am a small business owner and have fallen on hard financial times. I need to bring in some income so that I may pay my employees and my rent. My vehicle was reposesed so now I have no transportation to get to and from work. Please dear Jesus help me through this hard time.
Family Jennifer Monge310-20-2015
Praying that if its Gods will we'll be able to get my cousins baby and adopt her I just found out she was put in foster care
prayer for my sister CathyBlanca Hernandez210-14-2015
shes been having back pain for years and also head aches please pray for her
desperately needing JesusAnonymous1010-10-2015
I need prayer for my marriage, my husband decided he wants to be on his own and date who ever he wants, he has been gone for a very long time and in the past year stopped communicating with me i rarely hear from him. I don't want to give up on my marriage, but he doesn't want anything with me. I need help and guidance, i also have my daughter Veronica making poor choices in life, she is involved with this homeless guy and is taking up his lifestyle not working, found drug paraphernalia, she has a son and seems to spend more time with her boyfrliend than with her son, stopped going to church,bible study, i ask for prayer to bring her and my husband to God. That they become Godly people
Please pray for my daughter to find a job. She will be applying for her nursing license soon but it is a long process and she needs a job now.
A Home Lori Holguin210-09-2015
Please pray for my family we've been without a home for almost a year I work as a hairstyles but my children are in college and still live at home we have been on a waiting list for low income but haven't heard anything. We have had to live separately I know your probably thinking your kids are old enough to live on there own which is true it's just too expensive so we are trying to find a place we can all live thank you for your prayers god bless
I am praying for open doors for the Job seekers who are looking for full time positions. I pray for my dear friend who is waiting for a YES
Please Pray for My Husband Dwightsevena van zandt310-08-2015
My husband is an inmate at Kern Valley State Prison. I pray God will protect him I also pray the taste for drugs and alcohol will be taken from his lips for good and that he continues growing closer to our Father in heaven. Bless our marriage of nearly 30 years and allow him to come home to us someday.
pray for my friend Wyatt Anonymous110-08-2015
Hi everyone please pray for my friend Wyatt Johnson. I am a follower of Christ and sadly my best friend Wyatt is not. I try talking to him about God and taking him to my church and my youth group and he just doesn't seem interested and thinks it's all just fake. Please just pray that God would open his eyes and his heart to see Gods true love for him. Thank you everyone
In need of a job to provide for family & myselfAnonymous310-07-2015
I have been unemployed for a few months now and it's such a struggle when I am currently enrolled in college and have to pay tuition as well. I've been applying everywhere and I know it isnt true but sometimes I feel like I'm not meant to have a job because I'm still in the same position as I was a few months ago. I know its a process but its such a struggle. My parents are buying a new house too and there goes more bills... i want to be able to help support my parents and provide for my younger siblings as well since im the oldest child but I really feel hopeless. I cant do anything because im still waiting on a job . Please help pray for me so that I may get a job soon and help out my parents. Thanks.
need christian friendskim ballard510-06-2015
I have no Christian friends and need to make some.