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I would like prayer for my family going through divorce.
Lost in his eyesAnonymous201-29-2016
I've been out of work for 8 years now, my wife passed away, I'm in a new relationship that is very abusive, I feel so much adversity that I don't feel the lord in my life.
I\'m 9 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with severe morning sickness. Some days I don\'t even feel well enough to get out of bed. Anyone that can find the time, please pray for me and my baby.
losing hopeBradley H1201-14-2016
I feel like God has forsaken me
Thank you JesusJoseph Ybarra601-13-2016
David Soria has stage 4 cancer, the world says he is dying, but I know a mircale is happing right now, numerous people are praying for him, complete healing. Jesus hears our prayers. I am asking a prayer "Thank you Jesus for Healing David Soria!"
Don't know what to doBradley H601-12-2016
My car broke down can't afford to fix it and no way to get to work now
Health Anonymous501-08-2016
A family member has been in the hospital for weeks & just recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer throughout her body. It is an aggressive cancer & needs to start chemo asap. Problem is, she can't seem to get healthy enough to get out of the hospital. Undergoing another surgery this afternoon. Please pray that it goes well & that there are no more set backs so she can get stronger. The family needs strength, comfort & faith. Thank you so very much & God bless you
In need of prayerHector Farias1412-12-2015
I am 18 years old and I am going through a very difficult time, please pray for me, thank you.
Terri NorenAnonymous312-11-2015
Terri is going through medical problems and is waiting for test results and will probably be diagnosed with cancer and she was given notice yesterday that she is losing her job on 12/31/15. She has a 16 year old daughter that is a senior in high school. Terri is a single parent. She knows God is in control but this is really hard on her.
My husband and I have been trying to have a baby, and although I have not had any issues with becoming pregnant, I have had two unexplained miscarriages. I am pregnant again and I am praying we are blessed with a healthy child this time around. Your prayers are much appreciated. God bless.
Healing for Baby HarperAnonymous212-08-2015
Healing and growth for my 6 wk old baby granddaughter who is in the NICU at UCSF.
Prayers for sonAnonymous512-04-2015
Please pray for my 20 year old son who has substance abuse issues, refuses to admit it and will not accept responsibility for taking care of himself. He cannot hold down a job and expects to live at home rent free. Pray for me to have the strength to tell him "NO" and stick to my guns. He knows how to wear me down and does it every time. I know I am not helping him at all.
My son Brant Megan Rocha412-02-2015
Please pray for my son. He's very sick with a horrible sinus infection and very intense painful cough. This is his 4th time being this sick and doctors can't find the reason. Every time he's sick like this it's so hard on his body and so many meds are given to him. I ask for prayer for healing and direction in the mighty name of Jesus!
DownJustin Landers311-25-2015
This is the second year of holidays since my fiance and mother of our children left. I get to spend them with my children which I love dearly but I tend to be a little down because I wish I had my family back to spend these times with. I asked for prayer bat God relieve me of some of this pain. Thank you
Prayer for my grandpa and loved ones to get saved, baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost
heart attactAnonymous211-21-2015
Elizabeth Grijalvia
Prayer for HealingGloria Nacua211-20-2015
Prayers for Heather Van de Kerkhoff and son Kohle and daughter Aspen. Kohle and Aspen have been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease which is known to be a terminal illness.
Husband taking licensing testAnonymous311-12-2015
pray for my husband who will take his final test for his Marriage, Family, Child Therapist License. pray for a focused mind, courage, and peace. Will take place Saturday Nov.14 at 9am
Decisions in Life Mariah Boland111-09-2015
It's been hard for me to make the right decisions in life. I had strayed away from God. I did make the decision to go back to college and get a degree in Constitutional Law. Last night was the first time that I have felt love. A man named Bob Larivee, who is running for US Senate, lead me to Christ. I ask for prayer for my life to be complete. Thank You!